(Sponsored Video) Unleashing Your Creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note ii

My current cellphone is two years old and it’s not a smartphone. I know that I have to buy a new one because I wanna be able to have internet access even when I’m on the go. I’ve been browsing the net and asking my friends for suggestions on what phone to buy and they suggested several brands and models that are popular nowadays. Since I’m a practical person, I want something that’s very functional but at the same time perfectly fits my budget. I’m inching towards a Samsung phone because I know how durable and affordable they are. I just don’t know what model to buy. That is, until I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note II commercial.

Owning this phone has many benefits. It has a large 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen that’s very clear and a 16:9 screen ratio that makes for a perfect viewing experience. Its slim body looks stylish and modern. I also like that I can do several tasks on the same screen without having to change screens. This saves me more time and is less confusing. Furthermore, it has the Air View feature which enables you to easily browse your pictures even without opening folders. Another thing I want from my phone is the ability to send emails quickly and without effort. On the Galaxy Note II, just write your command on the pad to send emails, text messages, or if you want to make a call.

This smartphone has awesome expression tools like the Popup Note which you can use while you’re using the phone. You don’t even need a paper anymore. Just write your notes on the Popup Note. The Easy Clip feature lets you crop an image from any screen which you can then save and easily share. For those who like taking pictures but are not too photogenic, the Best Face feature captures your best angle or pose so you’ll surely look pretty in every photo. It also has an S Planner where you can directly write notes in and acts just like a paper planner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery for maximum performance. Buying this phone is really worth it because of all its wonderful features and specifications. As a way of introducing the phone, Samsung came up with a contest called the Find Ralph Challenge wherein contestants should find the missing pixels and complete the Wreck it Ralph poster. The winner will win a Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those who are not familiar with Wreck-It Ralph, it’s a 3D computer-animated movie distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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