Sistar – Loving U


You might already noticed, on this blog, that I used to blog up some Korean Musics or songs most especially Kpop. Because yeah! I admit that I have this big enthusiastic toward the culture and to their musics alone. I dunno, I just find myself loving the kpop musics. I think, you must try to watch one and let me know if you got yourself LSS with it and been crazed already in their

I actually prepared one here which the performance video of the all girls kpop group called Sistar which their ” Loving U” check their video on the top..

I have this hint too, that the music arranger for this song, Loving U, is had been used this awesome furman power conditioners at Guitar Center to make the whole song more catchy and easily to hear.. It just my hint though, because this kind of stuff are the usual instrument that can’t be abolish in most of the Kpop songs..