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When I first heard that James Spader is going to have a new TV drama I instantly became interested. He has starred in a lot of great movies in the 1980’s, most memorable of which are Pretty in Pink and Sex, Lies, and Videotape and I know how good of an actor he is. I am quite sure that this series will be another one of those riveting dramas. Judging from the trailer I saw in AXN Asia, The Blacklist looks really promising. People can also watch a preview of the series on YouTube.

The Blacklist is an American drama series that premiered in the US on September, 2013. The plot revolves around the world’s most wanted fugitive, Raymond “Red” Reddington, who suddenly surrenders to the FBI and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with. According to him, the FBI and he has the same interests, that is, getting rid of perilous criminals and terrorists. However, he has one condition. He only wants to speak with Elizabeth Keen, a newly minted FBI agent. She is curious about Reddington’s interest in her and when he said that she is special. He then gives the FBI information about a terrorist, which they eventually catch. After that, Reddington reveals that this terrorist is only the first of many. Unbeknownst to the FBI, he has a list of criminals and terrorists he believes matter the most. A list he calls The Blacklist.

The series’ other stars are Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, and Ryan Eggold. Executive producers for the series include Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, and John Davis for Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment. Watch The Blacklist every Wednesday, 10 PM (9 PM JKT/TH) and October 7 and 8, 10 PM in the Philippines in AXN Asia. To know more about The Blacklist, visit AXN Facebook.

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