Trying To Get In Shape Again

 photo 560060_634012729956755_503555138_n_zps46fd9e19.jpg

As many holidays are coming over as we got into these so called “ber months”. I know most people ( including me) are staring to gain some weights as there’s a lot of parties and eating events we should come in and compulsory to attend with.. hahaha That’s why am trying and pushing myself hard to go an play my things again for me to get in shape soonest..hehe hopefully I can get my normal weight back then by continuously doing these as I got some many parties awaits me these days ahead. eheh

Actually, these exercise equipments are from my clients but bear with me then because forgot where these things came from. Sorry my dear clients but I will try on to check my email in further details about these exercise things for me to get this post updated.

okay, that will be all for now and I hope you can keep on checking me here for more fashion news and updates.

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