Best Wedding Ring


When it comes to accessories today. The Diamond ring is the most reconsidered and picked by the most girls out there. Why so? because diamond is the girl’s best friend we all know that and also, diamond can really give this happening to each girl end. Try it, and I know most of the girls out there will agree on me.. hehe

And not just that. Because diamond ring can be also good source of investment and either income. Because diamond value are keep on increasing by each year passed. That’s why even men are used to have this diamond rings too, today.

So more or else. diamond rings are the best wedding rings and its indeed practical way. That’s why, if you are planning to buy your wedding rings today, I suggest you to have the diamond ring one instead of the other stones out in the market these days. Alright, that’s it for now and will more relevant information about wedding and such related matter by my next posts. Thanks!

Fashion Trends: Vintage Gown for Wedding


As I promised to blog up some of the trends pieces on the wedding to this blog. Here’s the first ever I’ll be going to share with you which the newest trends when it comes to wedding dresses and gowns today. And the most demand and often considered on  the wedding ceremony these days, was this vintage looking dresses and gowns, like what you are seeing on the top photo, Yeah! that’s the trends dress today and as you had planned already to take your each vows these following months ahead. I think, or I suggest you to take a look for these vintage and retro dresses for both men and girls, and even to your wedding cast. Because a lot of peeps, especially those couple, are really getting crazed on this vintage wedding dresses trends.

Actaully, a lot of online stores had already selling this kind of dresses, just check out Google for those list of sites that has this retro and vintage wedding dresses selling. And I also pretty sure that you could find some great deals online than to those walk-in stores near you.

Rock Yourself With Fake Tattoos This Summer



Some of girls are indeed fond by trying new things, however, most of the girls are not. Because girls are these sweetness that is quite afraid to try anything’s new to them, like this tattoo. Yeah! girls are not so to this tattoo, however some are. But most of time girls are not to this, because having tattoos has these risks to take. Like, its hurt and its permanent to your body. Though, tattoo is the one in trends today in fashion.

But you know what? there’s now some fake tattoos that we could have to rock ourselves for at least this summer season. And in away, you can also tricked your friends having this fake tattoos out. Pretty exciting,right? so – what are you waiting for? search some relevant fake tattoo site to buy off your own fake tattoos. But, I suggest you to take a look over to this site for your fake tattoos. Because they currently have this custom tattoos one, wherein they can work on your own designs. Awesome, right? and not just that. Because they’re also shippin’ worldwide. 🙂

Designer Rings That Spell Forever


If the man you love asked you to marry him, it would probably be the most unforgettable moment of your life. To mark the momentous occasion, the man must give the woman an engagement ring that she would proudly show off to her family and friends. Though not all can afford designer engagement rings, if the man has money he’d probably buy one. Among the more popular brand is Cartier. They are known not only for engagement rings but any type of jewelry. Their jewelries are made of high quality materials and their diamonds and other precious stones are world class. There are simpler designs made of gold and silver that are more affordable.

Tacori designer engagement rings are also popular among the rich and famous. Established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian, it has become one of the leading jewelry companies around the world. Their designs vary from the simple to the more intricate but for sure you’ll always make a statement if you’re wearing a Tacori. They have one stunning ring wherein there’s a center diamond and it’s surrounded by other diamonds. It looks simple but very elegant. Very much suited for the modern woman. Another design is that of the criss-crossed bands which symbolizes the union of marriage. Again there’s a diamond at the center. The Tacori ring with princess cut diamond is another ring whose design is so exquisite. It’s very classy and chic.

I envy celebrities who get engaged. They always show off their beautiful rings and the cost are sometimes ridiculous. But since they can afford it, I guess it’s okay. Paris Hilton’s 24 carat ring reportedly costs $5 million while Beyonce’s 18 carat ring costs $5 million as well. Designer engagement rings are not the only things that should be given importance when getting married. The wedding gown is equally important. If your budget is sufficient enough, better get the services of a famous and very talented designer. This way you can be sure that your wedding dress is beautiful. Remember that you only get married once in your life so make the most of it.

Wedding Accessories


Not only high end fashion had these great accessories to give accent on each statements and outfits. Because in wedding, there’s also some dope accessories that we may use with to spice it up our wedding gowns and even to groom suits. Check out this photo on top, wherein you can add up some piece in any corner or your gown that can actually give this great accent for you.

You can check Google for the list of online stores that has these gown accessories selling on. Because at the moment, there’s really a huge market of these wedding accessories online than to the walk-in stores nears you.