Sponsored Video: Pond’s Age Miracle Expression of Beautiful Stories Campaign #LoveMyExpressions #PondsAgeMiracle

There’re times when I’m laughing one minute, then crying the next. I know it sounds crazy but women are basically like that and it’s what makes us interesting. We feel so many emotions that we sometimes have a hard time expressing or just avoid showing. Pond’s, the Philippines’ number one skincare brand, has a new campaign that tells us that it’s okay to show and express our feelings. A beautifully-shot short video of different women showing a wide range of emotions, from sadness to happiness to anger, summarizes this campaign in a nutshell. So many women feel that they can’t express themselves fully because they’re afraid to show their wrinkles and lines. Every expression has a part in making the world a beautiful place. It’s time to celebrate our expressions.

That being said, with Pond’s Age Miracle, a hard-working anti-aging skincare range that leaves skin looking up to 10 years younger, we can love our expressions and lose those lines. It has gold standard ingredients in age management in its Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex. It has CLA and AHA which exfoliate old skin cells and stimulate production of younger cells. It also has Retinol, the clinically-proven anti-aging ingredient that maintains elasticity of the skin. Lastly, it has Retinol Boosters which prolong the effectiveness of Retinol by as much as 3x.

 photo Ponds_Age.Miracle.Range_PackShot-331x295_zpskm2bbp5n.jpg

The Pond’s Age Miracle range of products include Pond’s Age Miracle Facial Foam, Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream with SPF 15 PA++, and Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream. Highly specialized products are also available like Pond’s Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream and Pond’s Age Miracle BB Cream SPF 30 PA++.

The Pond’s Age Miracle Expression of Beautiful Stories campaign also launched Ms. Iza Calzado as the brand’s newest ambassador. She said “I strongly believe that women should express themselves and not worry about the lines that expressions may cause. Rather, be proud that you have experienced countless emotions in life”. I totally agree and I know that with the help of Pond’s Age Miracle, I’ll look up to 10 years younger. Visit www.ponds.com.ph for more product info..

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Sponsored Post: The Destiny of a Woman’s Skin #ChangeDestiny

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Being busy sometimes prevents me from thinking about my future. But further contemplation has led me to believe that I should be more concerned about the choices I make towards a better future before it is too late. This concerns all women because a woman has a right to choose her own destiny. The way her future will turn out depends on her actions today and only she can do something about it. SK-II believes in empowering women to choose and eventually change her destiny, that is why they came up with a new campaign with the theme #ChangeDestiny. A short video called SK-II Future Me clearly conveys the message. A young woman goes through everyday life receiving text messages from her future self. She likewise sends out messages whenever she needs to make a decision and her future self replies with positive messages that inspire and motivate her to do the right thing. Her destiny indeed lies in her hands.

Probably one of the best things about living in this day and age is that it is never too late to do what is right and correct past mistakes. Like for instance the idea that every woman can choose the destiny of her skin. If you have bad skin (i.g. acne-prone, dull-looking) all that can change if you change your attitude and start caring more about yourself such as living a healthier lifestyle and following a skin care regimen that works well with you. SK-II also wants to convey that message to all women in their latest campaign. SK-II is a skincare brand which includes cosmetics, anti-aging, and whitening products (learn more by visiting the SK-II Website). SK-II has presented women with a promise of beautiful, smooth skin with their unique and signature ingredient Pitera, a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids known to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process. They launched the Skin Destiny Study to prove that the choices we make today can affect our skin in the future and if we want to have better skin, we have to make a choice now.

The SK-II Skin Destiny Study video is also about #ChangeDestiny. It shows blogger Juri Cho making choices early on in her life. She soon realized that some choices she makes can have a lasting effect on her destiny. In line with that, SK-II did a study about making a choice. Half of the women used SK-II early in their lives while the other half didn’t. The study proved that a simple choice can make a woman’s skin young looking for many years. Our skin’s destiny lies in our hands as well. Know more about SK-II’s campaign by liking the SK-II Facebook page and checking the full results of Skin Destiny Study in detail.


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Sponsored Video: Helping a Child to Reach 5

They say that there is no greater love than a mother’s love. She is ready to do everything and lives her life just for her child. You can definitely count on your mother not just in times of need but all the time. Since her offspring is her life, what do you think would she feel when he/she suddenly dies? The answer is simple. She may not perish physically but for sure a part of her dies along with him/her. Things will never be the same and the thought of why, how, and when everything happened will forever linger in her mind and stay in her heart. The sadness of losing a child is unsurpassable.

But this is a normal occurence especially in third world countries where children are ten times more likely to die before the age of five. According to the United Nations, nearly 9 million children under the age of five die every year. In sub-Saharan Africa, it has been estimated that every minute eight under-five children die. This is based on 2007 figures and around 70% are due to diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malnutrition. Diseases and conditions that are absolutely preventable and can easily be cured through simple and affordable means.

Just like in the video which shows a grieving mother in a small village in Indonesia where a tree is planted when a child is born. Because her son died, there is nothing left for her to look at but the tree. This happens in many remote rural villages where children die before they even reach the age of five. Factors such as insufficient human, financial and material resources in what good hygienic practices can do to prevent diarrhoea and other diseases usually hamper the efforts to prevent these deaths.

Hand washing alone can stop these deaths from happening. The mission of Lifebuoy soap ( check Lifebuoy website ) is to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday and this is by stopping the spread of preventable diseases which causes 5,000 children under five to die every day. Last year, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits, the incidence of diarrhea was minimized from 36% to 5% and this year, they will bring their project to Bitobe, Indonesia. What Lifebuoy wants readers to do is to help these children by taking part in this campaign. Simply share this video on any of your social networking sites with hashtag #helpachildreach5.

Check Lifebuoy Social Channels for updates:

*Lifebuoy Website


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Sponsored Video: Dove Beauty Patches: Beauty is a State of Mind

I am sure everybody knows the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But for many women this saying does not mean much since the pressure of being beautiful has become more pronounced in recent years. It seems like society in general has placed too much emphasis on physical traits rather than qualities that really matter like intelligence, kindness, diligence, resilience etc. It is increasingly harder for women to show their true worth because it is their appearance that gets noticed first. This may be partly blamed on media because every time we watch TV, read magazines and newspapers etc. we see advertisements with gorgeous-looking women. Plus the fact that we can hardly see any unattractive women in the entertainment world. Everyone is so beautiful.

The message that Dove wants to impart in their newest campaign has a lot to do with this. It is called “Dove Beauty Patches” and is about the idea that beauty is already within us, we just need to discover it. The video of the campaign starts off with women of different ages and races saying that they want to feel more refreshed, beautiful, and confident. Their disappointment in themselves clearly showing in their faces. They are then invited to be a part of a research group testing a revolutionary product called RB-X, a beauty patch developed to enhance the way women perceive their own beauty.

Conducted by Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke, a psychologist and body image expert, the experiment started with Dr. Cooke interviewing different women with various concerns about their physical appearance and lack of confidence thereof. Among these women were Katelyn who does not like many things about herself like her nose; Tracey who says that if she was more confident, she would have the ability to approach a guy; and Chris who wonders why everybody wants to be younger and asks why older cannot be good. Dr. Cooke tells them that they are going to go through an amazing journey. There are 2 components to the research, one being the beauty patch, and the other the beauty diary that they are going to keep each day.

Dr. Cooke then asks them to stick the patch on their arm and leave it on for 12 days. The women did not feel any difference during the first few days but starting from Day 10, they started to feel more beautiful, confident, happier, and more comfortable in their own skin. After 2 weeks, the women were again interviewed by Dr. Cooke. She asked them what they are feeling now coming back after 2 weeks and the women answered that they felt significant changes in themselves. She also asked them if they would buy the beauty patch and they said that they would. Dr. Cooke then asked them if they want to know what is inside the patch. They said yes and found out that there is nothing in the beauty patch. No medicine or any special ingredient whatsoever.

Because of the experiment, these women realized that beauty is a state of mind. They do not need any patch to feel that they are indeed beautiful and worthy. This is Dove’s commitment: to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety. To know more about this newest Dove campaign, visit their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

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[Sponsored Video] The Beauty of Samsung Galaxy S4


Everyone seems to be in the habit of buying high tech gadgets such as tablets, laptops, MP3 and MP4 players, Bluetooth devices, smartphones etc. Many mobile giants are releasing new models of their products just so they can be competitive with other brands. As we very well know, technology changes so fast that what is new and hot today will no longer be in demand tomorrow. Companies who cannot keep up will certainly be left out of the market. It is only natural that the more sophisticated the mobile phone is, the more expensive it is.

However, if you research well and compare the features and prices of a Samsung phone with that of another brand, it is easy to figure out that you will get your money’s worth with Samsung. The company has released several models over the last couple of months and it has once again hit the mark with the Samsung GALAXY S4. Those planning to buy a Galaxy S4 can read articles about it on Samsung Mobile’s Facebook page. It looks a lot like the Galaxy S3 so it is kinda hard distinguishing between the two but it definitely has more improved features.

According to its Official Press Release, the beauty of the phone is its highly crafted design encompassing a 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen and battery, minimized bezel, all incorporated in a light and slim chassis. It is available in two colors: Black Mist and White Frost. It runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and has an octa-core 1.6 GHz Exynos 5 CPU, with 2GB of RAM. It has a 13 megapixel rear camera and has a dual camera function. Users can choose 8 ways to combine the photos taken by the front and the rear camera. The Galaxy S4’s video player is great for watching movies. Its dual video call function enables the user to make and receive a video call with family and friends while showing what you are looking at during the call.

It also has an upgraded 2,600mAh battery for larger capacity and longer life. It has new features like the S Health application which has a large database which can take note of your calorie intake, and the food and drink that is good for your health. Its Group Play function enables users to enjoy music, photos, and games with the people around them even without a Wifi or mobile phone signal. The S Translator feature provides instant translation for both speech to text and text to speech on email, SMS, and ChatON. The S Voice Drive enables voice control to activate commands when driving. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Samsung’s website.

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[Sponsored Video] The Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note ii

I am canvassing online for a new smartphone. Since my budget is not that big, I am reading all the phone specifications and features as well as taking note of how much each phone costs. I want something that is loaded with features but will not drain my budget. Throughout the years I have bought different brands but among all those brands, my favorite is Samsung. They have high quality phones that are absolutely affordable. But probably the best thing about them is how durable and stylish their units are. I took a look at their Samsung Galaxy Series and saw a couple of interesting models. Among those, the Samsung Galaxy Note II stood out.

Among the excellent features of this phone is its large and ultra clear 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen with 16:9 screen ratio for perfect viewing. The user can perform many tasks on the same screen without having to change screens which lessens confusion and saves more time. For movie lovers like me, the Galaxy Note II has a pop-out video player that allows me to watch a movie in a floating window while performing other duties. For people who like taking pictures and storing them in their phones, the Air View feature enables you to easily browse your pictures without opening folders.

Another notable feature of this phone is the Popup Note which can be used even while you are talking to someone on your phone. This serves as your paper. I happen to send emails to different people everyday and the ability of the Galaxy Note II to send emails quickly by simply writing your command on the pad to send emails is really convenient. Its S Planner acts just like a paper planner where you can directly write notes on your phone. For those who hate looking bad in their pictures, the Best Face feature takes your best pose so you will look great in every photo. All these features are topped with a slim body that is super modern and chic. Furthermore, its 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery provides ultimate performance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s features are on full display in its contest called the Find Ralph Challenge. A contestant should find all the missing pixels and complete the Wreck-It Ralph poster. Wreck-It Ralph is a 3D computer-animated movie from Walt Disney Pictures about a titular arcade game villain who rebels against his role and dreams of becoming a hero. Prizes for the contest are only available in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

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[Sponsored Video] Innovative Smartphones Only from Samsung


Although I’m not much of a techie, I’ve had my fair share of mobile phones. I tried a lot of different brands but the one that stood out was Samsung. My first Samsung phone was not a smartphone but nevertheless I was able to use it for many years because it was really durable. I dropped it several times but not once did it get broken. The battery life was also astounding. Since I’m thinking of buying a new one, I visited their website as well as the Samsung Mobile Facebook page to get some idea on what model to purchase. Before I buy something I make sure that I do my research so as to be sure that I’m getting my money’s worth. I’ve heard many positive things about the Samsung GALAXY Note II and saw this interesting video at Samsung Mobile Youtube showing how easy it is to multitask using this phone. I’m all about multitasking so this video made me want to buy this smartphone more.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II has many features. It has a large 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen that’s very clear and a 16:9 screen ratio that makes for a perfect viewing experience. The pop-out video player allows you to watch a movie in a floating window while performing other tasks. Its massive screen is a mobile gamer’s dream. You can do several tasks on the same screen without having to change screens. It also has the Air View feature which enables you to easily browse your pictures even without opening folders. You can also send emails quickly and without effort. Simply write your command on the pad to send emails, text messages, or if you want to make a call.

Another awesome feature is the Popup Note which you can use while you’re talking to someone on the phone. No need for a paper, just write your notes on the Popup Note. The Easy Clip feature lets you crop an image from any screen which you can then save and easily share. Another exciting feature is the Best Face feature which captures your best angle or pose so you’ll surely look pretty in every photo while the S Planner enables you to directly write notes on the phone and acts just like a paper planner. The Samsung GALAXY Note II has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery for maximum performance. Furthermore, its slim body makes it look stylish, modern, and chic. For more information about the GALAXY Note II, click here: http://bit.ly/GALAXYNoteII. You can also go to Samsung Mobile Twitter for a more personal interaction with some of the people from Samsung.

To get a more vivid look at some of this phone’s amazing features, I watched the video of Bill Schwab, a character designer at Walt Disney Studios showing how to design characters using the GALAXY Note II for the 3D computer-animated Wreck-it Ralph Movie. He made it look so easy and fun. Samsung also came up with a contest called the Find Ralph Challenge wherein contestants should find the missing pixels and complete the Wreck it Ralph poster. Visit http://www.findralph.com to complete the missing Ralph poster for a chance to win a GALAXY Note II and exclusive goodie bags. However, prizes are only available in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

If you want to know more about Samsung and how much of a great company it is, check out Samsung Mobile Linkedin and Samsung Mobile Google+.

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[Sponsored Video] Stylish, Functional, and Economical Refrigerators Only From Samsung

Today’s unstable economy makes a lot of people more conscious with money. Mindless shopping and spending is no longer the norm. To be able to survive and make ends meet, we should know how to save and effectively manage our budget. Learning how to lower our electricity bill is a good way to start shaving off those financial difficulties. According to the website Which?, cooling appliances like refrigerators and freezers account for 20% of the electricity consumed by all the appliances in our homes. It also points out that cheap refrigerators that consume a lot of electricity could be more expensive to maintain in the long run than expensive refrigerators that are energy efficient. It is best to do our research first and buy a refrigerator and/or freezer that is not only energy efficient and have low running costs but also will stand the test of time.

Having said that, Samsung has always been known for selling high quality yet affordable and energy efficient appliances. It has been a while since I last bought a refrigerator and I think one from Samsung will be a great choice. I visited their website and saw some really interesting new models like the RB31FDRNDSA Fridge Freezer which has so many features. I especially like its “True No Frost” feature and external water dispenser which is so convenient and functional. Another nice model is the RB31FEJNCSS Fridge Freezer which has equally great features.

But my favorite is the RB31FERNDSS Fridge Freezer which I first saw in Youtube. The Samsung commercial which featured a group of monkey thieves with British accents is delightful. It is unique, totally absorbing and memorable. They specifically chose to break into a house with a Samsung fridge and stole all its contents much to the shock of the owner. The advertisement emphasizes that only a Samsung refrigerator can keep food fresh and juicy that is why it is the sole choice of the monkeys.

This model has functional and convenient features that everyone will appreciate. It has easy to pull easy slide shelves, external display, and Full Open Box which accommodates bulky items. It also has a digital inverter compressor which maintains consistent temperature, reduces the compressor’s wear and tear, as well as minimize the noise. The Big Guard feature enables you to store big containers in the door along with two rows for cans and bottles while the True No Frost feature keeps all food fresh due to even cooling. Furthermore, it has a Top LED light which brightens the entire refrigerator. All these features make up for an energy efficiant home appliance. Visit the Samsung Newsroom to know more about their latest models and everything that is happening with the company.

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Clozette.co: A Shopper’s Haven


It’s not everyday that I find a website that I absolutely enjoy and totally rocks. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Clozette.co is very addicting because it has a lot of features that many fashion enthusiasts will love. I’m very much into fashion and I always make it a point to be on the loop when it comes to trends. Being a member of this site is free and the steps to be taken are rather simple. Just a few clicks and you’re done. You can even meet friends from all over Asia who share your passion for fashion.



They also have this feature called the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in  iTunes. The application can be downloaded and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad that most of you have today. So – let’s all be a member of the site and even have the app installed on your smart phones. Other great things. You can also share some of your fashion styles and even your outfit/s posts using the app. In a way, the apps gives convenient to all of us member. 🙂 we can also check each other closet list through this apps.


This what I most liked over the Clozette.co’s shoppe section which the Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Tardy’ in Yellow because this will speaks on my styles and sneaker kicks that has heels on is the most trends on today’s fashion. That’s why I know most of you gels are also looking for this kind of piece too. Head up here http://www.clozette.co/shoppe/browse/gan-ss-251986/gan to avail it for reasonable price ever. It may only cost you USD 129.95 as you buy it on the site..:)

There are tons of other things you can do at Clozette. You can post pictures of any of your collection for others to admire or make a list of the things that you are dying to have. They also have a forum where everything from fashion to beauty are discussed. If you are an online seller, Clozette can also be a venue for you to sell your products. You can create a store for free! With just 20 items, you can have your own free online store. If you have less than 20 items, don’t fret since you can still sell items in the Bazaar. Here you can find items like apparels, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. I have tried shopping for shirts and would love to shop some more. I’m also interested in creating a store and selling some stuff since I know that clozette has many members. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’re having a blast shopping and earning money being a seller at the same time. So, be a Clozetter now and be part of  Clozette’s circle of community!

Campus Book Rentals: My Kind of Website


In this day and age, it’s a must to find ways to save on hard-earned money. We should budget our salaries wisely so as to buy the things we need and pay our bills. It’s tough for students because they have to think of ways to budget their meager allowances. To be able to save on books, some college students prefer renting. Campus Book Rentals is one website where you can rent textbooks and save as much as 90%. It’s really better than buying in a bookstore. They have pioneered this business and they’re continuously growing.

Many students and non-students have already rented textbooks from Campus Book Rentals. Aside from the fact that it’s very easy to register in their website, shipping is also free. They have new and gently used textbooks to choose from. Plus, you can determine the rental period that you want whether be it for 130, 85, and 55 days. They also have a grace period of 15 days. If eventually you decide to keep the book you rented, you’ll just pay the difference and it’s yours. There’s this one book that I’ve been dying to rent, Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin (http://www.campusbookrentals.com/textbook/Heroes-Gods-and-Monsters-of-the-Greek-Myths/Bernard-Evslin/Laurel-Leaf/9780553259209). I easily saw the textbook and the price difference. You also get $5 for every friend you refer.

While saving money renting books, you can also help people who are in need. For every book rented, Campus Book Rentals donate money to Operation Smile. This is an organization that performs cleft lip surgeries on children from less privileged families. So if you’re renting a textbook, you’re also putting money in charity. The lives of these children will greatly improve with the operation that they will be getting.

CampusBookRentals.com FAQ’s: