Yoseob’s wearing American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) – $78.00

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American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) – $78.00

Yoseob, b2st member, spotted wearing an awesome colored pullover from the brand American Apparel that made him so chic when he about to leave the Thailand, yeah! this photo of him is taken at the bangkok thailand airport based on the source I gathered regarding this photo here..

I must say, the piece or pullover fits on him well and he looks so young wearing it that I know most of you will agree on what I’ve been said, right? the pullover has this item name of American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) that you can buy in any nearby American Apparel stores neither on some online shops that the brand American Apparel affiliated with.. The piece has this price of $78.00. No worries, the price is the same in all branches stores of the brand either online, however, I suggesting you to buy this on the nearby store because if you got this online you’ll have this duty on the taxes and shipping fee that might annoyed you..lol

Alright, that will be all for now and please do check back for my next fashion updates. Thank you!

Versus Versace 2013 Spring/Summer Campaign

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Most of the leading brands like Christian Dior, Prada,H&M, and more are already released their each spring summer campaign ads neither their collection pieces already. Because they have to give us new design of pieces on each certain season that we could probably rock on and might be eventually trends too in the fashion industry.

However, it seems that the one leading brand which the Versace had turned in to new campaign strategy which by making their campaign ads for this spring and summer quite late. Yeah! They’ve just released it one day ago, those photos on top, while other brands ate having their sales already on their pieces. I dunno, why Versace looks sluggish by releasing their campaign ads neither their pieces, maybe they’d cooking some great ones that we could look forward too soon. So let’s us all wait on their update on this..:)


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To all fashion pieces that has been released this past few weeks. This shoes or kicks here that has an name and came from the brand A Bathing Ape ROAD STA SUEDE MESH is the one I crazed with now and eventually to buy one soon as it out in the market.

Who doesn’t resist by the way on the shoe. Look, it has this very quirky designs and the star logo really makes it different than to the other usual kicks out there. That’s why I know most of you folks that has great enthusiastic on street fashion wear will be definitely seek one of it and have yourself rock on with,right? So -please, keep on checking me here for the updates because as of this moment, the brand A Bathing Ape doesn’t yet released further details about this. So we better wait them and let see how much this may cost us..lol

Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

These are the some pieces that we could expect from the Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection this season. I must say, their tops are great though it just has this simply designs and yet they’re dope to wear.

I actually, wanted to wear that first basic top that has this Clothsurgeon name print on it. It’s really looks so comfy and at the same time it gives this comfortable feeling on your end once you wears it, why do I know so? Oh well, check the material used, it’s 100% cotton that means is really meant for summer season.

Also, these pieces are already out in the market today. Just heads up on the brandT’s main site for the pricing details and more. I may suggest too that they have this collection ads done with the mirror floor fountains on the background. I think, it makes more for summer season if they done that way.. Eheh just saying though. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket


Now, its clear like a water clear..lol nope! Recently, I usually see some creations that has floral prints on it or made of floral materials and so. That’s why I’ve thought at first that this statements or those creations are made off  only for girls fashion, however, I was so wrong then because even men’s fashion are using this prints too on each pieces. Look what Ive found on Balenciaga where they made this Printed Satin Bomber Jacket for their men’s collection. Great,right? now, I’ll find some great floral prints finds for my bother to be wear of this coming summer season. Because he keeps on asking me on what certain pieces that are trending for this summer for him to rock on..hehe And now, I’ll give him this kind of piece here..hehe

Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket is now available online and even walk-in stores. Just check the Balenciaga nearby stores for their new collection pieces and you might this Printed Satin Bomber Jacket hanging on their stores already.. Also visit the Balenciaga site for more further details about this awesome jacket.

As I’ve checked this online. The jacket,Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket, has this price of  £762 GBP (approximately $1,150 USD) on the MR. PORTER site here http://www.mrporter.com/product/335117. Okay.. that’s it.. Thanks!

Buying Your Fist Rolex Watch Model


Rolex watches are coveted items by many people a people. It is because these watches have particular and distinct look that produces them stand out. The distinct look targets exuding class and magnificence and it does that! Rolex is a very popular brand that is able to maintain and even upgrade the grade of the products they present to the market industry. The overall look with this watches has however been maintained generally. Should you look at the original watches from the inception of Rolex and also the more recent models, you will notice that there are many similarities between these watches. The Rolex Datejust is amongst the original watches from in older days. It is liked by many people and thus can be a easy way start your Rolex collection.

The president dials are also something to take into consideration. Many people claim that they are for the rich since they’re often worn by much talked about people. However, this observation is very little license to close you from getting a president dial if you need one. It is advisable to get advice from somebody who owns a Rolex and who may have had it for quite a while. Such an individual will assist you to with an overall guideline about how you ought to choose and buy a Rolex watch. However, in case you may not know such a person, the attendants at stores and shops where genuine watches are sold will be more than glad to help you in your quest. No matter whether you have the money and observe that Rolex is really a trusted brand, take your time to find a model you want. Finding the right watch is important so that a couple weeks or months along the line you cannot ask questions like, “Where will i sell my rolex?”

Heritage Floss 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




Most of the brand label companies today were starting to give us peek on what should we expect from each of them this coming summer season and others released their collection already in the market for them to see how does peeps react on their pieces. Recently, the brand Heritage Floss had released their 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook that you may see on the top photos. I think, the brand is trying to play on these neon colors for the summer but I think using an crew neck and jackets are a good idea for this season. Because summer is a hot season where people loves to wear light pieces like shirt basics and shorts. I think, the brand Heritage Floss needs to consider this for the sake of their consumers. Anyway, this was only my opinion though, I hope you’ll respect it..ehhee

But in total, the designs of this collection is very quirky and you may rockin’ your fall to these..

Classy Watches


I know most your mom have these classy and vintage looking watches in their jewelry boxes. Guess what? you can even use them today as your main accent accessory, how’s that? just wear them up altogether like what you are seeing on the top photo and it may give this bracelet accent to it that can really make you quirky because this was really unusual on today’s fashion and I know, and I feel that this kind of stuff will be soon trend these coming season’s of fashion. So please dont throw your unused watches and remake them into useful one.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll find this tip useful on your end and I really looking forward seeing you wearing some watches as your bracelet accessory. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekdays.

Nike Basketball Releases Christmas Version of the Kobe 8 System, LeBron and KD V

Christmas is really in the air, and we can feel it with the designs of the brands that has been out lately. And here’s another addition to those Christmas inspired items. And I am talking about this Nike basketball Christmas version shoes. These collection of shoes are named after these famous and legendary basketball stars which ate Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Each if them have a shoe design named after them.
The first Christmas inspired shoe design is the Kobe 8 System. This shoe is a red striking color shoe with a green sole, green lace and a green Nike swoosh logo. Such a perfect color specially for this season. This can give a great Christmas feeling. The second shoe design is the LeBron X, a very colorful shoe design on the upper, a combination of red, blue, green, white. The sole color is a a very light mint green and a fading red color swoosh Nike logo. And lastly is the KD V shoe design. This one is also a very colorful design. It has a great graphic look. You can see a combination of blue and red on the upper and a bright green color on the sole. The color of the Nike swoosh logo is same as the sole which is a very light green, a contrasting color to blue. This one looks very comfortable to wear because of the material of the shoes. So, choose which one you like on these great shoes. Happy Holidays!

Also,cigar rankings is the one of the best gift should give in this coming holidays.