Happy New year Everyone

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I am quite busy doing my daily errands hence I really cant able to update this site in the daily basis, so please bear with me then. Well, I am back for real now and I hope I can continuously updated this blog for the rest of the year as it’s part of my new year resolution.

Meantime, let me share with you this lovely photo of yours truly wearing the dope sunglasses I’ve got from client last year, 2015. Sorry as well if I cant post it up immediately as I gets it because life been a roller coaster with me that I can hold myself that much due with struggles I’ve been getting. But worries lovies, because I am doing well now and I am strive for the best of the year hence I owned it already..

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on tuning in for my newest fashion updates that I know you misses most.. Yes! I am total back and kicking..

Colored Sunglasses from DSquare2

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I know most of you folks wants to be dope on this summer season. Because summer is all about having fun and being a dope most of the time most especially on the guy’s end. Because we used to have these punky or easy going outfits as this summer season comes due of the hot weather I guess and high-end fashion or pieces are not that much appropriate for this season to be wear that’s why fashion enthusiasts are keep on seeking some summer pieces that can still made them in trends and a sort of pieces that could pulls off..

Today, let me share this one piece to you all guys which the dsquared2 colored sunglasses that I’ve found over the web recently which I believed is included on the brand’s spring summer collection for this year 2013. Actually, when I sees it online I just felt in loved already to it because look these sunglasses are really great and they’re really made for the summer that I assure most of you fashion enthusiast will love to have very soon.

Alright, I dunno any further details about the sunglasses and the collection itself. That’s why let me suggest you to heads up on DSquared main website for you to know yourself on what certain details like availability, pricing range and etc.. Is this sunglasses… Okay that will be all for now and please don’t hesitant to ask me about any brand collections or suggestions that can make this blog more informative to you all my dear readers. Thanks!

Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

When it comes to fashion pieces. I really used to like these collaborative ones than to the brand collection alone. Because usually, these collaborative pieces are the one limited edition that has a great quirky designs that we couldn’t find easily on the market today. That’s why these pieces are the most demands once it released. Like for example this awesome Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses that you were seeing on the top photos. This was the sunglasses that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to have now because look, it has this great print on the frame and at the same time the frame itself is quite different than to the usual frame that’s out in the market today.

This sunglasses is priced at $75 USD online either to the nearby stores. Just check out Brandt’s site for further details regarding this awesome sunglasses here. Thanks!

Limited Edition Eyewear – Mykita & Beth Ditto



When it comes to sunglasses today. I know most of you will agree on me that retro styles are the one on hip because retro fever was the one trends today in fashion. Today, I was supposed to blog up about this awesome sunglasses, a limited edition of sunglasses from the brand Mykita & Beth Ditto, I think, this was an collaborative set of sunglasses that might be out soonest in the market. Let’s all wait for it. I’d also update you here once they’re out already.

About the pricing range? I dunno it yet, however, soon I got to know it further, of course, I will update you again in here. And please keep on supporting us by just simply visiting the blog, Pinklolly.info, often. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekdays. How I wish its my Friday today..ehe

Clozette.co: A Shopper’s Haven


It’s not everyday that I find a website that I absolutely enjoy and totally rocks. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Clozette.co is very addicting because it has a lot of features that many fashion enthusiasts will love. I’m very much into fashion and I always make it a point to be on the loop when it comes to trends. Being a member of this site is free and the steps to be taken are rather simple. Just a few clicks and you’re done. You can even meet friends from all over Asia who share your passion for fashion.



They also have this feature called the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in  iTunes. The application can be downloaded and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad that most of you have today. So – let’s all be a member of the site and even have the app installed on your smart phones. Other great things. You can also share some of your fashion styles and even your outfit/s posts using the app. In a way, the apps gives convenient to all of us member. 🙂 we can also check each other closet list through this apps.


This what I most liked over the Clozette.co’s shoppe section which the Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Tardy’ in Yellow because this will speaks on my styles and sneaker kicks that has heels on is the most trends on today’s fashion. That’s why I know most of you gels are also looking for this kind of piece too. Head up here http://www.clozette.co/shoppe/browse/gan-ss-251986/gan to avail it for reasonable price ever. It may only cost you USD 129.95 as you buy it on the site..:)

There are tons of other things you can do at Clozette. You can post pictures of any of your collection for others to admire or make a list of the things that you are dying to have. They also have a forum where everything from fashion to beauty are discussed. If you are an online seller, Clozette can also be a venue for you to sell your products. You can create a store for free! With just 20 items, you can have your own free online store. If you have less than 20 items, don’t fret since you can still sell items in the Bazaar. Here you can find items like apparels, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. I have tried shopping for shirts and would love to shop some more. I’m also interested in creating a store and selling some stuff since I know that clozette has many members. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’re having a blast shopping and earning money being a seller at the same time. So, be a Clozetter now and be part of  Clozette’s circle of community!

New Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses


The all time favorite brand of sunglasses today which the Rayban had moved to its comports and created a new designs for their famous Aviator Sunglasses that most peeps are getting crazed today. Because of the new features and concepts really gives this convenience that most peeps are looking forward into this kind of piece.

Actually, I dunno yet any further information about this piece here. I dunno if this already out in the market or just a peak for us to wait. However, soon I got the full details about this sunglasses, sure thing, I will update you again in here. I know you were too excited on this, yeah! because even me I was eager to have one soon..:)

Paris Hilton Wears Carrera Safari Sunglasses


Editorial in any magazines and even those fashion enthusiasts are used to follow on what Paris wearing. Because the sexy celebrity had really a great fashion sense that most girls are looking forward today. On the top photo, Paris is spotted wearing a nice slim swimwear that he pairs in head piece and this great Carrera Safari  for her sunglasses. Actually, I’ve got an email before asking of, if  I could find out on what Paris wearing, on her sunglasses, on this photo. So – yeah! Ive found on the internet that the sunglasses she rockin is from the brand Carrera that has a ranging price of 80-120$ in any sunglasses online stores or in the brand Carrera near you.

So – yeah! that’s it for now and dont forget to wear your sunglasses as you want to go out because sunshine might cause some blurry eyesight on you as you dont wear your sunglasses as your protection and at the same time, sunglasses really helps to rock the whole outfit you have.. 🙂 Thanks folks and have a nice day ahead to everyone..

Brad Pitt Flashes His Best Sunglasses at Cannes


Would the average consumer pay nearly £800 for a pair of sunglasses? The answer is probably ‘unlikely.’ The average price in the UK for a pair of sunglasses is likely to be less than a tenth of that, with some available from budget high street outlets for just a few pounds. However, that was the price Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt was willing to pay for his eyewear fashion.

Pitt, 48, hit the red carpet in Cannes for the premier for Killing Them Softly, a crime film starring Pitt and directed by Andrew Dominik, based on the 1974 novel Cogan’s Trade by George Higgins. He wore a pair of titanium aviators by Sama Eyewear, but these were no ordinary pair of sunglasses. Their mirrored lenses were coated with 18 carat rose gold, resulting in a truly intimidating price of $1,250.

Pitt also Known for his Charitable Work

Many people would undoubtedly agree that for a man who together with fiancée Angelina Jolie gives millions of dollars to charity and builds houses for hurricane-ravaged families, spending such a sum on sunglasses would seem a trifle excessive. Perhaps it could even seen as borderline offensive had Pitt landed in an area of Europe hit harder by the current global economic crisis than Cannes, of which there are many.

Despite his philanthropic efforts, Brad Pitt appreciates the finer things in life thanks to his megastar status and the sunglasses were not his only extravagance during his time in southern France. Attending the film festival’s Johnnie Walker Blue Label party, he was glimpsed enjoying the plenty of the premier spirit, which can fetch prices of over £150.

Regular followers of Pitt will know that this is the second time he has modelled these particular sunglasses. They made their debut appearance at the premier for his film ‘Moneyball’, for which he received an Oscar nomination.

Are These Sunglasses Insensitive in Today’s Climate?

However, critics of Hollywood and show business culture would ask if a truly selfless person would indulge themselves in such expensive sunglasses or other excessive luxuries when so many people in the world struggle in comparison.

But Pitt’s shades are nothing compared to the most expensive sunglasses in the world, which were showcased in Dubai earlier this year. Produced for Swiss luxury brand Chopard by De Rigo Vision, these astonishing sunglasses are made of 60 grams of 24 carat gold and decorated with 51 full-cut 4 carat River diamonds, sporting Chopard’s famous ‘C’ logo engraved on the arms. Reports suggest that these staggering sunglasses are worth an incredible £260,000.