Wedge White Sandals For Summer

Woven Belt Wedge Heel Sandals

Summer is still up and others are still down in getting some sun-kissed skin hence if you are after to tanned skin and wanting to soak into the sun this following day. I think, you should get yourself Wedge White Sandals as you keen to have a day out in the beach. Yes! sandals are pretty essentials as for the summer because these slipper can really help you to cool down and it can ease your foot while working over the beach, if you supposed to – to have some skin tanned done.

Rhinestones Heart Pattern Sandals

And if you are asking me though if which store you should get in your sandals. I really recommend this shop called where all the lovely and in trend sandals were houses and selling over for a very reasonable prices. Actually, this shop is pretty variable than others as they offer mostly all as for the fashion finds in both men and women. Also, they have their own factory though where they can produces their own designs and clothing patterns that are pretty in trend hence they can sell out their items for a very cheapest prices in comparison to the other shops available today in the market. You can check it yourself now and pick what’s really gets your interests with.

Double Buckle Strap Faux Leather Sandals has a abundance of swimwear too for both men and women that are perfectly fits in any body type you had. And they have some great undies too to choose from with and has many selections of colors too that you can pair it off in any swimwear you trying to pull off.

Trendy High Low Dresses At

If you dig in the trendy pieces today for women’s fashion, you might get to decade to list them out all and to know what are they because there’re bunch already that are being out in the market by these influencer brands and labels that these fashion icons and enthusiasts are used to loved with. Hence, people are quite confused in what to get as they wanted themselves to be as trendy as their idols. But not anymore as I was too fond to share with you this information which contains on what to get or what are these trendy pieces that you should consider for you to be “in” for today’s fashion.

Actually, the more simply you are the more it better. Why? because women’s fashion these days are more about minimalist or others called them norcore where derived in the word normal and hardcore which means you’ll have t look normal and simply and yet it may kill the bird as you rock out the entire outfit you’ve made.

Cold Shoulder Butterfly Print Maxi Plus Size Slip Dress

Cold Shoulder Butterfly Print Maxi Plus Size Slip Dress

How you can do it?

Well, first you should take a look over at the shop called where all needed pieces where listed and selling over for the cheap price. After that you’ll have to get yourself an high low dresses that you can pair off on your sexy bottom, if you prefer so.

Off The Shoulder Mini Bodycon Dress

Off The Shoulder Mini Bodycon Dress

Secondly, if you are too keen to be looking sexy and find like the old you. you should then try getting the brown bodycon dress that can gives sexiness in your end and gets back the hidden confident that you have lost for some good years already. Because these dresses are too reveling that can emphasis your asset and body shape which is quite good though especially for today’s weather, summer.

And lastly, you should get yourself an great heels to kill. And as I can see has all the selections to choose from and they’re all reasonable to get unlike to other shops where quite costly to consider at all.

Floral Shoes For Men?

 photo Dr-Martens-Mens-Footwear-Spring-Summer-2012-2-1.jpg

Since its summer now. Its time for a men to wear some sort of floral accent on their footwear? nope! dont kidding me… And yes! they will.. because look what I’ve found this recently when I was searching some great topic to post up here which some shoes and boots that are shades of floral prints for men’s footwear. I think, if I dont mistaken, these shoes are from the brand Dr. Martens because the booty one is kinda familiar with me and I know only Dr. Martens brand has the only one that works on this kind of designs here.. Tell me please that my hint is correct! ahhaha

Anyway, on my personally point of you as an fashion blogger. These floral shoes are great for some men this summer season but I dont think that men often wears this on their daily basis because it’s kinda like the shoe has to be pair off in some great clothes for them to rock with..hehe not unlike those plain color ones that can be pair off in any outfit you may have.

As for this moment, I haven’t know any details about these shoes here like on what season collection they’re belong with, the availability, pricing ranges and so on. But no worries, because soon I got to know further. I’ll surely update you all here. Okay, that will be all for now and dont forget to have yourself a great weekend…

kids designer clothes from Strawberry

 photo STREET-STYLE-KIDS-copia21_zps85a1f07c.jpg

Children should always get the best from their parents. Aside from love and care, there are also basic needs to be addressed. Among these necessities are food, clothing and shelter. As a parent, what type of clothes will you give to your children? You can always find comfortable and affordable clothes of them. You can buy kids designer clothes from Strawberry. Whoever says strawberries are just for girls is completely wrong. Here at Strawberry, there are lots of clothing items for the boys. There is a wide range of designer wear for all the kids out there. This will fit different sizes and ages.

One popular brand in Strawberry Children is the Catmini. You can find plenty of Catmini boys and Catmini girls in different sizes, colors and designs. For the big and little boys, some of the items on sale are Catmini Baby Boys White Grey Suit, Catimini Baby Boys Turquoise & Orange Shorts Suit, and Catimini Baby Boys Blue & White Dungaree Romper. This is the perfect time to shop for them online. For babies, it is easy to determine which one to buy by knowing their age. There are clothes even for 3-month old babies up to 18 months.

For girls, there are also coloful Catmini dresses  , tunic, leggings and cardigans. Afterall, we know that it is easier to shop for girls because there is a wider selection. Grab several items on sale like Girls Blue Striped Cardigan, Girls Blue & Coral Dress, Catmini Baby Girls Pink Dress, Girls Rainbow Pink & Blue Skirt Suit and a lot more! These items are available in Strawberry Children. Girls are easier to dress up with cool and comfty clothings from Strawberry Children. Pink-colored items are also ideal for babies so you can browse different items here. Skirts will also be very cute on them


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

To all fashion pieces that has been released this past few weeks. This shoes or kicks here that has an name and came from the brand A Bathing Ape ROAD STA SUEDE MESH is the one I crazed with now and eventually to buy one soon as it out in the market.

Who doesn’t resist by the way on the shoe. Look, it has this very quirky designs and the star logo really makes it different than to the other usual kicks out there. That’s why I know most of you folks that has great enthusiastic on street fashion wear will be definitely seek one of it and have yourself rock on with,right? So -please, keep on checking me here for the updates because as of this moment, the brand A Bathing Ape doesn’t yet released further details about this. So we better wait them and let see how much this may cost


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

On today’s fashion, which the summer fashion. I know most of you folks are really looking forward with some pieces that has these floral prints or anything has a neon or bright colors one. Because in the summer season, light material are the most trends in it that’s why having an shoes are not necessarily for this summer. However, someone brand has created this one shoes which this TWO-TONE CREPE SOLE LOAFERS FROM ADIEU – STEP EASY can we can rock on with to our summer outfits and at the same time in the following seasons. Yeah! This how versatile this loafer is…

At this moment, I haven’t yet know further information about the show like the availability, pricing range and the main material used to it. But soon enough as the brand updated their site on this new in piece, by then, I can surely updated this post here. Alright, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead..

Converse All Star Ox Premium size? Exclusive

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I personally loved the brand converse. Because it really gives these comfortable footwear and at the same this they really fits or speaks on my style. That’s why I used to buy the brand often for my kicks than to the other same brands.

Recently, they brand had teamed up on the American retailer called size? For these new set and designs of kicks that you may see on the top photos. They’ve called Converse All Star Ox Premium size? Exclusive and you may have it for £55 GBP (approximately $86 USD). Not bad,right? Check the size? Or converse main website for further sarili about these dope kicks.

Nike Basketball Releases Christmas Version of the Kobe 8 System, LeBron and KD V

Christmas is really in the air, and we can feel it with the designs of the brands that has been out lately. And here’s another addition to those Christmas inspired items. And I am talking about this Nike basketball Christmas version shoes. These collection of shoes are named after these famous and legendary basketball stars which ate Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Each if them have a shoe design named after them.
The first Christmas inspired shoe design is the Kobe 8 System. This shoe is a red striking color shoe with a green sole, green lace and a green Nike swoosh logo. Such a perfect color specially for this season. This can give a great Christmas feeling. The second shoe design is the LeBron X, a very colorful shoe design on the upper, a combination of red, blue, green, white. The sole color is a a very light mint green and a fading red color swoosh Nike logo. And lastly is the KD V shoe design. This one is also a very colorful design. It has a great graphic look. You can see a combination of blue and red on the upper and a bright green color on the sole. The color of the Nike swoosh logo is same as the sole which is a very light green, a contrasting color to blue. This one looks very comfortable to wear because of the material of the shoes. So, choose which one you like on these great shoes. Happy Holidays!

Also,cigar rankings is the one of the best gift should give in this coming holidays.

Adidas Originals Superstar 80’s Chinese New Year


Adidas looks like they still have a hang on Chinese New Year stuffs. I recently seen the JS Wings that is also inspired by Chinese New Year, that’s the collaboration of Jeremy Scott and Eason Chan, a blue-winged hi cut shoes that is very colorful with the roses embroidery. And now, here’s another one Jeremy Scott creation, a Superstar 80’s that has a snake prints and has a snake skin pattern. Maybe because the coming new year is year of the snake (I am not sure with that). There’s this one thing that makes this shoes very traditional Chinese, it is the ornate jade lace which is said to be a lucky charm. Chinese believes in this, so why not try to have it on your shoes.

This Superstar 80’s comes in two colors, grey and red, and this will be available next year, January 2013. This is a must have because it was made by the great designer Jeremy Scott and this one has a different touch for the Superstar 80’s. The vintage look of the Superstar 80’s is still there. Maybe we will get lucky with this shoes because it has a jade lucky charm. There is no harm in trying and believing. What if this thing is true and you will benefit with this belief. Or just simply have this shoes to add on your collection of fashionable shoes. You can line this one with the winged shoes and the one with teddy bear shoes.