Music Finds

Who’s looking for some music finds out there? if you are raising your hands there. I think, you’ll have to check over musician friends for details. Because the shops had listed out most of the musical instruments available today in the market in a very reasonable prices. I hope you dont miss it. Also, they occasionally runs some coupon codes to use that may help to lessen the actual price of the item you’d wanted. Just roam the web for those codes, if available..

Where you buy musical instruments?

Might most of you were asking on which or where you should buy off your instruments. Though, they have a wide selection over the nearby mortar stores out there. But still, I prefer to buy online because in online there’s a lot of great deals we surely be happy to avail with like the guitar on its half price neither an piano. You may shop now here for your convenient. Go check it now before it’s going to be late for you. Don’t miss it!

Frugal way to shop online

There’s a lot of online stores available today in the market as well in online. However, most of them aren’t yet able to give out some great deals due of their each company policies and rules. But you know what? there was this On Sale section which you could check on for the list of items that has been dropped off it’s original price. And most of the time, these musical instruments are on it. you may check out some musical shops online for further details about it. Thank you!

SISTAR(씨스타) – Touch my body

As the summer season comes, this Kpop group called Sistar are really fond of releasing an new single that has relates into kinda sexy theme. Actually, I’ve already checked some of their past songs and I must say, this group is particularly into sexy kind of songs and dancing. You may check out their other performances over youtube as you found them quite interesting. By the way, the single that they’ve recently released was entitled of ” Touch my Body” and you can watch the entire MV on the top video. Enjoy!

Electric guitar

 photo Godin_LG-Squier_Strat_zps38beda00.jpg

Mostly music enthusiasts are keen to have this electric guitar than to the other types of musical instruments. Because electric guitar is the best way to invest as well it’s awesome to have as it is produces an quality type of sounds. I actually have myself one of it in color pink and I must say, it does creates an great sounds that I wanted to hear and I actually turns the sound into acoustic as well in some reggae soundings as I wanted it. It is just a matter on how you can play it. I’ll make my tutorial video soon here for you to see on how awesome the electric guitar is..

Pianos from guitar center

Since I was a little kid. I have this dream to be a pianist or to at least know on how the basic rules for it and plays it quite bit. But due of some circumstances and we are struggling at that time. My parents cant able to send me in music school nor to just buy me the piano alone. Yeah! that’s how hard the life is back then but since we get able to help, me and my sister, and get our lives stable. Now, I am planning to have some pianos from guitar center and pursue it though am already aged and might hard to understand on how to read the notes and stuff. But we’ll see on how would happen. I’ll make you updated.

Dj software

Planning to DJ as your career or way of living? if so, I may suggest you then to have or to buy yourself this dj software first, for you to get practice on. Because these days, software are kinda hard to understand especially these for dj thingy. Because they’re usually connected into computer as well to the speaker which kinda hard to manning, I am telling you! so you better to practice before you can engage yourself to it and use it as your source of income..

usb monitor

Awhile ago, me and my parents went out to mall to buy these handy speakers for my dads musics. But we pretty amazed on the newest released kind of speakers today which they did have this usb monitor features in it already that we’ve found quite unusual. Because usually, speakers here are just simple and hasn’t this usb monitor at all. I’ll update you soon with the pictures on how does the speakers looks like.

rofessional alto saxophone

Everyone has this differ taste when it comes to their musics. Other is liking to play the guitar instead of drums while others are fascinated about this professional alto saxophone because of the quirky sounds that this musical instrument produces. If you wanted to know more about saxophone. I am suggesting you then to take a look on the site I’ve linked on this post for you to know further details about it.

Gibson les paul studio tribute at Musicians Friend

I want to have this gibson les paul studio tribute at Musicians Friend because my friends are keep on telling me to have one soon. Because I might need it pretty soon as am engaged myself into music this recently. I actually dunno what’s this thing uses but I think I need to have it now for me to start my thing off. I’ll just wait then for my mentor to further teach on how to use this Gibson les paul studio tribute thing.. eheh