Brad Pitt Flashes His Best Sunglasses at Cannes


Would the average consumer pay nearly £800 for a pair of sunglasses? The answer is probably ‘unlikely.’ The average price in the UK for a pair of sunglasses is likely to be less than a tenth of that, with some available from budget high street outlets for just a few pounds. However, that was the price Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt was willing to pay for his eyewear fashion.

Pitt, 48, hit the red carpet in Cannes for the premier for Killing Them Softly, a crime film starring Pitt and directed by Andrew Dominik, based on the 1974 novel Cogan’s Trade by George Higgins. He wore a pair of titanium aviators by Sama Eyewear, but these were no ordinary pair of sunglasses. Their mirrored lenses were coated with 18 carat rose gold, resulting in a truly intimidating price of $1,250.

Pitt also Known for his Charitable Work

Many people would undoubtedly agree that for a man who together with fiancée Angelina Jolie gives millions of dollars to charity and builds houses for hurricane-ravaged families, spending such a sum on sunglasses would seem a trifle excessive. Perhaps it could even seen as borderline offensive had Pitt landed in an area of Europe hit harder by the current global economic crisis than Cannes, of which there are many.

Despite his philanthropic efforts, Brad Pitt appreciates the finer things in life thanks to his megastar status and the sunglasses were not his only extravagance during his time in southern France. Attending the film festival’s Johnnie Walker Blue Label party, he was glimpsed enjoying the plenty of the premier spirit, which can fetch prices of over £150.

Regular followers of Pitt will know that this is the second time he has modelled these particular sunglasses. They made their debut appearance at the premier for his film ‘Moneyball’, for which he received an Oscar nomination.

Are These Sunglasses Insensitive in Today’s Climate?

However, critics of Hollywood and show business culture would ask if a truly selfless person would indulge themselves in such expensive sunglasses or other excessive luxuries when so many people in the world struggle in comparison.

But Pitt’s shades are nothing compared to the most expensive sunglasses in the world, which were showcased in Dubai earlier this year. Produced for Swiss luxury brand Chopard by De Rigo Vision, these astonishing sunglasses are made of 60 grams of 24 carat gold and decorated with 51 full-cut 4 carat River diamonds, sporting Chopard’s famous ‘C’ logo engraved on the arms. Reports suggest that these staggering sunglasses are worth an incredible £260,000.

Stussy Backpack


This much dope. Yeah! it is, when the first time I saw this backpack, I just got wow to it and suddenly felt I wanting to have it out for me. LOL Though, its for a guy but yet still, I think, I can rocking myself still to this awesome backpack. And I know, most of the gels out there are used to wear some backpacks too, to them.

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Rock Yourself With Fake Tattoos This Summer



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Street Fashion


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Wedding Accessories


Not only high end fashion had these great accessories to give accent on each statements and outfits. Because in wedding, there’s also some dope accessories that we may use with to spice it up our wedding gowns and even to groom suits. Check out this photo on top, wherein you can add up some piece in any corner or your gown that can actually give this great accent for you.

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Stussy Kids





Good news folks, because the brand stussy had now these pieces for kids. Look the pieces on top, these are the some pieces that we could expect from the brand stussy for their first edition of kids apparel. As for this moment, they dont have yet these pieces for girls, however, maybe soon enough they’ll release some for the dope girls out there.

As I know, these pieces are already out in the market. Just heads up to the stussy website itself rather in any affiliates Stussy online stores for the pricing range of these pieces and at the same the availability where do you residing. I hope I can see your kids rocking themselves on this kids Stussy pieces.

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