Blue For Summer 2014?

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 photo orlebar-brown-mens-spring-summer-2014-lfw3_zps41d2dada.jpg

As much as I wanted to give you all an speak peek on what we should expect from various of brands these coming months ahead this leads me on checking out some newest brand’s collection for us to know on what we should have or must haves as this summer season comes. And one of I’ve noticed with, which this blue styling statement where men are fond of wearing the color blue as they go down in any summer getaway or events soon. I think, this will be the trend for men’s fashion for summer 2014. However, let’s be still wait some other brands and labels to released their each collection for us to know on what pieces are the ones might look forward.

Alright,, that will be all for now and please, do keep on tuning here for you to know often on what’s hot and not this coming season. Thank you so much and have yourself a day ahead. 🙂

Types of Mens Casual Pants

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Once upon a time, men had three types of pants: suit pants, casual pants, and jeans. These days, casual pants can be broken down even further. Here are some different types of men’s casual pants.

1) Jeans. Jeans are almost everybody’s favorite casual pants. They are also extremely versatile, and can look good in almost any setting. For example, at a cookout among friends, jeans paired with a polo shirt make an excellent outfit, while at a business casual function, new, dark blue jeans with a sport coat present a sharp look.

2) Khakis. Khakis are made out of 100% cotton fabric. Their origins date back to the time immediately following World War II, when leftover twill from military uniforms was readily available. Since then, khakis are no longer just khaki-colored, but are manufactured in a range of colors, the most prominent of which are khaki, black, dark blue and olive green. They also come in plain and pleated fronts.

3) Chinos. Chinos and khakis are close cousins, but are not identical. Unlike the 100% cotton khakis, chinos are made with fabric that is either cotton blended with a synthetic fabric or even a 100% synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are fabrics made with a man-made fiber as opposed to a natural fiber such as cotton or hemp. Because chinos have tapered legs, and a brighter sheen to them then khakis, they are usually considered the more formal of the two types of pants. For the most part, they come in the same range of colors as khakis.

4) Corduroy. Corduroy pants can be made to resemble jeans, khakis or chinos. Corduroy is a warmer fabric that people in the Southeast or Southwest United States associate with warmer, but which can be worn year round in more northern climes. Corduroy is a ribbed fabric, meaning that it has regular ridges and valleys all the way around it. It feels soft against the skin. Because it can be sewn into several different pants types, it can be worn in a variety of settings.

5) Cargo pants. The most recognizable distinction between cargo pants and the other types of casual pants is pockets. Cargo pants generally have four front pockets on them in addition to the two pockets on the back. The pockets generally are so large they fall to the end of a man’s knees. Pants can still be considered cargo pants even if they only have one pocket as long as that pocket has a Velcro or other type of closure for the pocket and the pocket reaches down as far as the knees. Cargo pants are not restricted to any particular type of fabric and are especially useful for men in professions where they need to carry a good number of objects around with them.

6) Drawstring pants. Drawstring pants use a string, either true string or a sewn fabric string that passes through a casing built into the waist with two opening in the front center for the string to come out of, to fasten the pants onto the wearer. Some drawstring pants have elastic in their waist bands also. Drawstring pants are the most casual type of pants that men wear. They are common in gym suits and shorts and may or may not have pockets. Ultra comfortable, they are perfect for lounging around the house or for exercise, but not for anywhere else.

When you are wearing any kind of casual pants, you need to provide them with a good foundation underneath. There are many types of mens briefs available, but the best boxer briefs have a unique pouch feature in the front that provides padding for support and fit. Look at for examples. They also manufacture mens briefs with rear padding to provide you a better contoured fit not matter what type of casual pants you are wearing at the time. At their web site, you can find briefs with both pouch and rear features, or with either one singly.

Here’s to the differences between men’s casual pants and to men wearing them in the way that looks best!

Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

When it comes to fashion pieces. I really used to like these collaborative ones than to the brand collection alone. Because usually, these collaborative pieces are the one limited edition that has a great quirky designs that we couldn’t find easily on the market today. That’s why these pieces are the most demands once it released. Like for example this awesome Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses that you were seeing on the top photos. This was the sunglasses that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to have now because look, it has this great print on the frame and at the same time the frame itself is quite different than to the usual frame that’s out in the market today.

This sunglasses is priced at $75 USD online either to the nearby stores. Just check out Brandt’s site for further details regarding this awesome sunglasses here. Thanks!

Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

These are the some pieces that we could expect from the Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection this season. I must say, their tops are great though it just has this simply designs and yet they’re dope to wear.

I actually, wanted to wear that first basic top that has this Clothsurgeon name print on it. It’s really looks so comfy and at the same time it gives this comfortable feeling on your end once you wears it, why do I know so? Oh well, check the material used, it’s 100% cotton that means is really meant for summer season.

Also, these pieces are already out in the market today. Just heads up on the brandT’s main site for the pricing details and more. I may suggest too that they have this collection ads done with the mirror floor fountains on the background. I think, it makes more for summer season if they done that way.. Eheh just saying though. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Converse All Star Ox Premium size? Exclusive

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I personally loved the brand converse. Because it really gives these comfortable footwear and at the same this they really fits or speaks on my style. That’s why I used to buy the brand often for my kicks than to the other same brands.

Recently, they brand had teamed up on the American retailer called size? For these new set and designs of kicks that you may see on the top photos. They’ve called Converse All Star Ox Premium size? Exclusive and you may have it for £55 GBP (approximately $86 USD). Not bad,right? Check the size? Or converse main website for further sarili about these dope kicks.

Doojoon’s rockin’ on Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD

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Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD

When it comes to men’s fashion. It’s indeed unsual for men to be wear off some galaxy prints tee one. Because girls are the one rockin’ on this kind of designs today.. Oh well, not in Kpop industry. Because even men can pull off any girl’s tee with them, quite confusing right? okay! look on Doojoon, B2ST Leader, wearing on the top photo. He really make himself dope through this galaxy print tee for the brand Christopher Kane that has a item name of Christopher Kane Full T-shirt  that is included on the brand’s spring summer collection year 2011. And it has this price of $350USD for just on this tee.. Yeah! that’s how expensive it is..haha

I think, Korean fashion, specifically on Kpop fashion, they’re the most in high-end fashion and expensive one these days in Asia. Because I’d often see them wearing these designer’s finds that most Hollywood artists are wearing of.. My goodness gracious.. That’s how Kpop big nowadays..ehhe

Weekday 2013 Spring “Thug Life” Lookbook

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When you hear the word “thug” the first thing that will come into your mind is the word assassin, a brutal assassin, I must say. Thug life means assassin’s life. And it also refer to those gansters, mobsters, mug, punk and many other. When you see those kind of people you will notice their boastful appeal. We can say that those thug people have their own sense of fashion, but they are not left with what is in during the season. their fashion is one of a kind and full of swag.

The brand Weekday probably get the idea of this lookbook from the fashion that they see on the streets with those gansters, mobsters and others. We cannot deny that their fashion has their own sense of style and matches their personality. In this lookbook we can see more of an outfit that is comfortable specially for the girls, they have this metallic pants which is very fashionable and has swag at the same time. The thing that looks a real thug life in the first photo is the guy who wears a scarf to cover his face, he looks like an assassin with this, but the rest on the first photo looks all fashionable (just my opinion). I also like the dress of the girl on the first photo, being a mobster or gangster doesn’t need to be boyish, you can also look feminine.

The Weekday Spring 2013 line will be out soon on shops across Europe.

Fun Shopping for Boots at Macy’s

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I absolutely love shopping especially for shoes. I sometimes buy them at department stores and there are times I buy them online. I like shopping online more because it’s easier, fast, and more convenient. You’ll be able to buy the items and brands you like at the comforts of your own home, delivered right at your doorstep. Among the websites that I like visiting is Macy’s. This American department store has been around for ages selling items from apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelries, bags, home items and many more. Shoppers from other countries can already buy items because they ship to over 100 countries.

I’ve seen so many women’s boots at Macy’s that I’m sure shopping addicts would love to buy. There are popular brands like Steve Madden, Naturalizer, Nine West, Dr. Martens, Blowfish, LAMB, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, and many more. I saw several boots that I would love to buy. One of them is the Elyssa Suede Platform Shooties by Juicy Couture. Two colors are available: black suede and cobalt suede. I like the cobalt suede more. The boots cost P12,344 and is available in different sizes. Buyers can check the size chart if they’re not sure what their boot size is. This sexy boots have elastic, adjustable sides and 5″ heels.

I’m also dying to get my hands on the Alfani Women’s Shoes, Donelle Step N Flex Booties worth P5,911. There are three colors available: black, camel, and saddle. I want to buy the camel boots. The pictures of all the sides of the shoe is shown so that the buyer can see the boots more clearly. There’s also a larger view button for buyers to click. If you move your mouse over the picture, you’ll see the boot in close up. It’s made of leather and suede and has a 3″ stacked heel which suits me just fine since I don’t like too high heels. A woman will definitely feel sexy, sophisticated, and chic in this pair.  It would make an outfit even more elegant looking. A Shopper’s Haven

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It’s not everyday that I find a website that I absolutely enjoy and totally rocks. Just like Facebook and Twitter, is very addicting because it has a lot of features that many fashion enthusiasts will love. I’m very much into fashion and I always make it a point to be on the loop when it comes to trends. Being a member of this site is free and the steps to be taken are rather simple. Just a few clicks and you’re done. You can even meet friends from all over Asia who share your passion for fashion.


They also have this feature called the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in  iTunes. The application can be downloaded and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad that most of you have today. So – let’s all be a member of the site and even have the app installed on your smart phones. Other great things. You can also share some of your fashion styles and even your outfit/s posts using the app. In a way, the apps gives convenient to all of us member. 🙂 we can also check each other closet list through this apps.


This what I most liked over the’s shoppe section which the Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Tardy’ in Yellow because this will speaks on my styles and sneaker kicks that has heels on is the most trends on today’s fashion. That’s why I know most of you gels are also looking for this kind of piece too. Head up here to avail it for reasonable price ever. It may only cost you USD 129.95 as you buy it on the site..:)

There are tons of other things you can do at Clozette. You can post pictures of any of your collection for others to admire or make a list of the things that you are dying to have. They also have a forum where everything from fashion to beauty are discussed. If you are an online seller, Clozette can also be a venue for you to sell your products. You can create a store for free! With just 20 items, you can have your own free online store. If you have less than 20 items, don’t fret since you can still sell items in the Bazaar. Here you can find items like apparels, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. I have tried shopping for shirts and would love to shop some more. I’m also interested in creating a store and selling some stuff since I know that clozette has many members. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’re having a blast shopping and earning money being a seller at the same time. So, be a Clozetter now and be part of  Clozette’s circle of community!

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