Latest Trend of Watches 2016

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Might most of you will ask on what are the trendiest and hippest kind of watch today to rock on? well, actually the old and classy looking are still in trend as well those latest released one as long as it does look on you better – that means you can still able to wear them off, As we all know fashion are evolving and we can disclose as yet on which one really on leads especially to watches as a lot of people has its own taste on their accessories to wear hence let us not pick any that be on trend as I encourage everyone to be themselves as they wear anything they wanted to rock on.

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Watches are the main thing for men and women as it can add spice on the whole outfit you trying to pull off. Hence you should have a great one that would lasted for good years and of course those in quality and has a great designs too that can blend in to any of your outfit. I then encourage you to buy off these branded watches like Rolex  for Men’s Watches and Rado for Women’s Watches has they have the awesome feature thus a lot of peeps are getting crazed on it, though of course these watches are costly enough to have but try to think of it as investment as you can sell it off double the price as it gets aged more and more.

No worries then for the kids out there as these watches brands has all the Kids Watches available for you all and other thing was this kid watch are indeed classy and yet it has a kid theme added to it, I know you have seen some of these cartoon watches in it, yes! these brands has also kind of watches for kids to consider.

Best Wedding Ring to have for your wedding

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If you planning to take a vow soon. There were a lot of things you should be consider to be done ahead of time. And one of it was finding the great wedding rings for both of your companion. Actually, there a bunch of wedding rings available today not just in the nearby mortar stores but also over online. But I think, it is best if you could have your ring bought online. Because online sellers has a lot to offer and they usually made their rings on sale due of the competition they have online, hence, it is best to lurk in some online shops first before having it at the mall’s store.

Firstly, you must know on what best type of rings are best fits on you both. There were this rose gold rings were ones most expensive and to follow the rings that has diamond stones to it. But if you were asking me though, I’ll go for gold wedding rings because these are best rings ever because it can bee a source of investment too than having it simply as a sign of your matrimony. You can check them over online for further detail about it.

United Arrows Green Label Relaxing Autumn Winter 2013 with Go Ayano

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“United Arrows” is a Japanese select store that stocks various designer clothes. They unveiled their collections of eco-friendly men’s wear to the 2013 dubbed the “United Arrows Green label relaxing”. Their advertising campaign was entitled, “fall in love label- walk and fall in love label-university”

Branding was done by the Japanese actor Go Ayano and named, “Be happy- Everyday stylish with a nice heart”. They stock high quality designer coats, the winter coat is one very popular in their store, and it is thick in texture, warm and comes in different colors. It comes in Grey, Dark grey and blue. It is made from high quality woolen fabric and matches well with a long scarf. It also comes in two styles, the double breast and the single breast.

They also have the “fall in love label- walk 30s version”, it is a high quality thick coat which is ideal for the cold season. It comes in many colours, grey, blue, dark grey and brown. It is also made of light quality woolen fabric. “The fall in love University” 30s version is also available in their stores, and in many colours. It comes in two styles, the double and single breast. They also have a wide variety of single breast coats which are long to the knee, thick in texture and available in many colors.

The Ulster coat is also available; it is a double breast, thick textured coat which is long to the knee. The “Napping coat” is also available; it is also thick in texture, long to the knee and is single breast. It has a slit at the back which makes it free when worn; it is also available in different colors of brown, grey and blue.  It is casual in nature. Besides the high quality designer coats, United Arrows also stocks a wide variety of shirts, trousers, belts, women’s dresses and many other items.

Create your own engagement ring with Modern Design Inc.– 5 star service, great prices. It’s like having your own personal jeweler.

Romantic and Unique ways to pop the question

If this advice is relevant to you, well then as they say in the chosen tongue, mazel tov! It means that, if she says yes (and knowing you, she will) you’ll be getting married soon! I hope you’ve been saving. But before you pop that question that spans an eternity maybe you’re thinking of just how can I avoid the cliché? We’ve all been to a couple of weddings and while they’re not all the same, none of them really seem right for your imagination. That is certainly the case for me. You might be wondering, just like I have countless times before, ‘what can I do to make my wedding more catered to me and my special someone?’ First thing’s first; what do all weddings have in common? No, not stomping on a wine glass… wedding rings.

I’d like to say that wedding rings come in all shapes in sizes, but really they come in one shape and their sizes vary in millimeters if at all. There’s white gold, there is classic gold, there is silver, titanium and platinum, but what about wood wedding rings ?

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Yes, those exist, but they are not just for hippies and cheapskates. They are elegant, fine pieces, carved with intricate care and precision. While they don’t seem like a conservative traditional thing, remember they’re not. And neither are you. If you want your special day to be different, try thinking differently! Your loved one will cherish this individualized sentiment as much as gold because she’ll know that you’re not just giving her what’s expected, you’re giving her what she wants.

And what better way to walk down that aisle with your teary-eyed mother than in a nice gift, tailored just for you? Answer? There is none. That’s why a Rolex watch is the perfect wingman for your perfect day. Step into your new life as a husband with something as timeless and reliable as any diamond you would give your fiancé. If a diamond is a girl’s best friend, a Rolex is a man’s. You might be saying, ‘yeah, but a diamond is invincible. It’s the Superman of Earth’s gems.’ Well, fear not, the Rolex is just a half step behind. No, they’re not formed over thousand of years under thousands of tons of pressure, but if your brand new Rolex strays a second from perfect time, take is straight to a rolex repair shop and set it right. There’s no reason both you and your now wife can’t have the perfect thing to set you aside.

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So send out those classy invitations on papyrus rather than paper. Serve lamb and lobster instead of chicken and fish. Challenge yourself to find the best way to celebrate your union, and go ahead, stomp on that glass! Mazel tov! Just don’t forget, you can’t have lobster at a Jewish wedding.

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wholesale hip hop jewelry

Do you love street wear fashion than to the hihg-end ones? If so, I supposed you would like to have this wholesale hip hop jewelry too. Because hip hop jewelry are the one hip and in trend today for these punky peeps who used to loves wearing these quite bulky clothes and who loves to hang out at the street most of the time. I actually adore their dopeness and being fond on wearing these kind of styling on their end.

The Celebrity Watches

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Admit it or not, most of you has this admiration in one person and so. It might be an well known persona like models and celebrities either an normal person that you got attracted with, but moreover, it is an celebrity that we used to admired and even stalk quite some times. I know right? and mostly we can find a way to see them personality also to find out on what brands for their fashion and essentials they’d usually consider and wear.

I have here this great gentleman named Leonardo DiCaprio who once the most leading actor of his time. As you can see on the photo on top, he is wearing an elegant mens tag watch from DMR which helps his total outfit to spiced up. I must say, watches are the guy’s best friends like how does girls do for their diamonds. Because tag watches are fashionable and at the same time it is functional not only for guys but also with some girl’s end who used to wear watches.

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There’s a lot of paparazzi photos taken and posted online where celebrities are wearing some great finds and watches to be consider. And one of it was this fashion diva named Paris Hilton. I know most of you are quite know the lovely lady and how she, herself being an fashion enthusiast beside of being an celebrity itself. She endorses some big names when it comes to watches brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, McCain and many more and as I’ve heard she already produced its own watches collections and labels. I will blog up about this by my next post so that you may continuously checking out the blog,, for the updates.

Buying Your Fist Rolex Watch Model


Rolex watches are coveted items by many people a people. It is because these watches have particular and distinct look that produces them stand out. The distinct look targets exuding class and magnificence and it does that! Rolex is a very popular brand that is able to maintain and even upgrade the grade of the products they present to the market industry. The overall look with this watches has however been maintained generally. Should you look at the original watches from the inception of Rolex and also the more recent models, you will notice that there are many similarities between these watches. The Rolex Datejust is amongst the original watches from in older days. It is liked by many people and thus can be a easy way start your Rolex collection.

The president dials are also something to take into consideration. Many people claim that they are for the rich since they’re often worn by much talked about people. However, this observation is very little license to close you from getting a president dial if you need one. It is advisable to get advice from somebody who owns a Rolex and who may have had it for quite a while. Such an individual will assist you to with an overall guideline about how you ought to choose and buy a Rolex watch. However, in case you may not know such a person, the attendants at stores and shops where genuine watches are sold will be more than glad to help you in your quest. No matter whether you have the money and observe that Rolex is really a trusted brand, take your time to find a model you want. Finding the right watch is important so that a couple weeks or months along the line you cannot ask questions like, “Where will i sell my rolex?”

Luxury Shopping at Bob’s Watches


A Rolex watch is a luxury timepiece that certainly spells extravagance. Only the rich are able to own one because it is so expensive. Having said that, more affordable Rolex watches are within reach at Bob’s Watches. It is the leading online marketplace where people can buy, sell, and exchange used Rolex watches at market prices. All models in the website are on hand and guaranteed in mint condition by their in-house watch experts. Shoppers are also assured that all Rolex watches are authentic. Furthermore, the buy and sell prices are listed to make it easier for both buyers and sellers.

Bob’s Watches has many models in stock so choosing the one that fits your personality and budget is easy. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you will find it a breeze to go through the website because there are tabs where you can find any topic you need such as How to Sell, Rolex Serial Numbers Chart Lookup, Used Rolex Prices and many more. Orders are usually shipped within one business day of receipt of the order through FedEx.

Diamond Studded Case for iPhone


I’ve seen lots of cute cases for iPhone, there is lot of designs that we can choose from, there’s floral designs, aztec design, cartoon character design, skulls design, and many other. There are made of rubbers and some are hard plastics. But this one that with diamond studs stands out among them all. This diamond studded iPhone case is the most elegant I’ve ever seen.

As for me, a self proclaimed iPhone fan, I would definitely love to have this kind of iPhone case. An iPhone is the most popular among the smartphones almost all over the world. The reason why the iPhone users using an iPhone case is for the protection and it adds glam to it. iPhone users usually changes an iPhone case depending on what they are wearing yo match, and depending to an event they are going. This iPhone case would definitely go well when you are wearing a black gown for an event, It will match perfectly if you are wearing the same studded jewelry and studded gown as well.

I also think that will be very good to those glamorous Hollywood stars. Its diamond studs will be perfect for the glam of the Hollywood stars. For example, I am a Hollywood star, I would definitely use this diamond studded iPhone case everyday. This really goes well to the glitz and glamour of being a Bollywood star. Oh how I really fall in love with this iPhone case. I will be dreaming of this because I know this is the only thing I can do because this will be surely an expensive thing to have.

Pink Diamonds


This one will definitely make the girls crazy and gaga about, especially those who really love color pink. Who ever imagine that there’s this kind of diamond? A pink diamond one? Yes! there really is a diamond like this, pink diamond. I just discovered that there is a blue colored diamond, and now I’m tackling about a pink colored diamond.

This one is more girly, most girls love pink. But may I say that this kind of diamonds are more expensive than the usual white colored one. Wanting something like this will be very hard to have, unless the Mr. Right will be giving you this and ask you to marry him. Oh come on girls, you will never be thinking and say yes instantly without blinking an eye because you got mesmerized by this undeniably beautiful pink diamond ring.

If you are a single lady not expecting someone to give you something like this, just save and maybe you can afford this kind of diamond ring. And if the time comes that you have the money, take all the things to be considered on buying a diamond. The most commonly considered things on buying a diamond ring are the four C’s which is the Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. Starting with the clarity, the gem should be in good visual appearance and no trace of any blemishes. Second is the Color, this should be perfect in color no fading on its color. Next is Carat, carat is the unit used on measuring gemstones and also pearls. And lastly is the cut, there are variety of cuts to choose from, it’s up to you which the pink diamond will look good.