kids designer clothes from Strawberry

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Children should always get the best from their parents. Aside from love and care, there are also basic needs to be addressed. Among these necessities are food, clothing and shelter. As a parent, what type of clothes will you give to your children? You can always find comfortable and affordable clothes of them. You can buy kids designer clothes from Strawberry. Whoever says strawberries are just for girls is completely wrong. Here at Strawberry, there are lots of clothing items for the boys. There is a wide range of designer wear for all the kids out there. This will fit different sizes and ages.

One popular brand in Strawberry Children is the Catmini. You can find plenty of Catmini boys and Catmini girls in different sizes, colors and designs. For the big and little boys, some of the items on sale are Catmini Baby Boys White Grey Suit, Catimini Baby Boys Turquoise & Orange Shorts Suit, and Catimini Baby Boys Blue & White Dungaree Romper. This is the perfect time to shop for them online. For babies, it is easy to determine which one to buy by knowing their age. There are clothes even for 3-month old babies up to 18 months.

For girls, there are also coloful Catmini dresses  , tunic, leggings and cardigans. Afterall, we know that it is easier to shop for girls because there is a wider selection. Grab several items on sale like Girls Blue Striped Cardigan, Girls Blue & Coral Dress, Catmini Baby Girls Pink Dress, Girls Rainbow Pink & Blue Skirt Suit and a lot more! These items are available in Strawberry Children. Girls are easier to dress up with cool and comfty clothings from Strawberry Children. Pink-colored items are also ideal for babies so you can browse different items here. Skirts will also be very cute on them

Men’s Designer Clothes From Tessuti

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There are lots of things to consider when buying designer clothes. It’s not always a matter of whether you can afford it or not, but more on how well you can carry it. With lots of cool outfits out there this season, how will you choose the one suited for your personality and own style? While most women find it really easy and enjoyable to shop around, some men may have difficulties. But for men, it is a different story. Even finding mens designer jeans for themselves could be very challenging. So where should they buy a pair of pants that they will be comfortable with? Of course they can shop at Tessuti!

What does Tessuti offer? It has a wide range of designer clothes labels to choose from. Popular brands include Hugo Boss Orange, G Star, Lyle and Scott, Pretty Green , CP Company and a lot more. If you are looking for true religion jeans, you can find them here.  Be fashionable with timely style and chic fashion sense. Aside from jeans, there are also hoodies for your casual outfit. Feeling sporty? Then you can mix and match the popular items on stock.

When looking for true religion jeans, make sure that you know your jean size. Tessuti site is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. It will give you ideas of what to buy and even offers great savings. Shop now to take advantage of the big sale. As long as you know your size, it would be easier to find the right clothing for you. For your convenience, you can also browse the items in different categories such as colors, shirt size, jean fit, department, and more. With all these options, for sure you’ll end up buying only the best one for you. You can also add sweatshirts and trousers to your shopping cart.

Yoseob’s wearing American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) – $78.00

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American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) – $78.00

Yoseob, b2st member, spotted wearing an awesome colored pullover from the brand American Apparel that made him so chic when he about to leave the Thailand, yeah! this photo of him is taken at the bangkok thailand airport based on the source I gathered regarding this photo here..

I must say, the piece or pullover fits on him well and he looks so young wearing it that I know most of you will agree on what I’ve been said, right? the pullover has this item name of American Apparel Striped Fisherman’s Pullover (Club Stripe) that you can buy in any nearby American Apparel stores neither on some online shops that the brand American Apparel affiliated with.. The piece has this price of $78.00. No worries, the price is the same in all branches stores of the brand either online, however, I suggesting you to buy this on the nearby store because if you got this online you’ll have this duty on the taxes and shipping fee that might annoyed

Alright, that will be all for now and please do check back for my next fashion updates. Thank you!

Colored Sunglasses from DSquare2

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I know most of you folks wants to be dope on this summer season. Because summer is all about having fun and being a dope most of the time most especially on the guy’s end. Because we used to have these punky or easy going outfits as this summer season comes due of the hot weather I guess and high-end fashion or pieces are not that much appropriate for this season to be wear that’s why fashion enthusiasts are keep on seeking some summer pieces that can still made them in trends and a sort of pieces that could pulls off..

Today, let me share this one piece to you all guys which the dsquared2 colored sunglasses that I’ve found over the web recently which I believed is included on the brand’s spring summer collection for this year 2013. Actually, when I sees it online I just felt in loved already to it because look these sunglasses are really great and they’re really made for the summer that I assure most of you fashion enthusiast will love to have very soon.

Alright, I dunno any further details about the sunglasses and the collection itself. That’s why let me suggest you to heads up on DSquared main website for you to know yourself on what certain details like availability, pricing range and etc.. Is this sunglasses… Okay that will be all for now and please don’t hesitant to ask me about any brand collections or suggestions that can make this blog more informative to you all my dear readers. Thanks!

Cute Shorts for Summer

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If you’re wondering why you should wear jean shorts, let me just tell you that they have a bad rap only because they can truly look a little overpowering on some people. If you have more of a boyish figure, it can be either good or bad, but a denim shorts looks best when it can accentuate curves, and preferably a solid block color dress (look online at Any loose fitting dress will do the trick for comfort. They are extremely comfortable to walk around, sit and do anything in. They also are really beautifully made and are always unique.If you have a barbeque or family party planned they are perfect for showing off. Even if you are going out clubbing, a sun dress can give you enough movement so that you can properly dance and look cute at the same time.

Dresses are a wonderful way to show off your feminity. They can make you feel like more of a woman and can help you build self confidence. Almost everyone’s legs look amazing in a dress, and be sure to pair it with a pair of cute heels! I will advise that you should always have a back up pair of shoes when wearing heels since they can get quite exhausting. No one wants to have sore feet or any sores or anything so take the extra time to care for your feet and they will appreciate it greatly. Heels and a dress were a match made in heaven and you should always take advantage of the two. You can really stop a show with the right dress and heels. Take the time and really research the different types of dresses that are available and make sure to find the best fit for you.

If you are shopping in-store, don’t be afraid to ask a sales rep. They aren’t scary and they don’t mind helping you decide on what to wear. Most of them love to give fashion advice anyway, so give them a chance! Who knows, you might find some fashion guru that will completely revamp and upgrade your whole wardrobe. If you don’t know where else to look, try celebrity magazines for some easy hints. Vegan shoes are also becoming quite popular for people to wear. They are made out of much better materials than other shoes and are very unique looking. I personally love maxi dresses because I find that they look very good on my body type. I also love the art that can be put on them since they are so long. Once I saw a woman wearing a maxi dress that had a famous painting on the front, it was so unique I just had to take a picture of her in it, it was so gorgeous.

Versus Versace 2013 Spring/Summer Campaign

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Most of the leading brands like Christian Dior, Prada,H&M, and more are already released their each spring summer campaign ads neither their collection pieces already. Because they have to give us new design of pieces on each certain season that we could probably rock on and might be eventually trends too in the fashion industry.

However, it seems that the one leading brand which the Versace had turned in to new campaign strategy which by making their campaign ads for this spring and summer quite late. Yeah! They’ve just released it one day ago, those photos on top, while other brands ate having their sales already on their pieces. I dunno, why Versace looks sluggish by releasing their campaign ads neither their pieces, maybe they’d cooking some great ones that we could look forward too soon. So let’s us all wait on their update on this..:)


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To all fashion pieces that has been released this past few weeks. This shoes or kicks here that has an name and came from the brand A Bathing Ape ROAD STA SUEDE MESH is the one I crazed with now and eventually to buy one soon as it out in the market.

Who doesn’t resist by the way on the shoe. Look, it has this very quirky designs and the star logo really makes it different than to the other usual kicks out there. That’s why I know most of you folks that has great enthusiastic on street fashion wear will be definitely seek one of it and have yourself rock on with,right? So -please, keep on checking me here for the updates because as of this moment, the brand A Bathing Ape doesn’t yet released further details about this. So we better wait them and let see how much this may cost


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On today’s fashion, which the summer fashion. I know most of you folks are really looking forward with some pieces that has these floral prints or anything has a neon or bright colors one. Because in the summer season, light material are the most trends in it that’s why having an shoes are not necessarily for this summer. However, someone brand has created this one shoes which this TWO-TONE CREPE SOLE LOAFERS FROM ADIEU – STEP EASY can we can rock on with to our summer outfits and at the same time in the following seasons. Yeah! This how versatile this loafer is…

At this moment, I haven’t yet know further information about the show like the availability, pricing range and the main material used to it. But soon enough as the brand updated their site on this new in piece, by then, I can surely updated this post here. Alright, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead..

Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

When it comes to fashion pieces. I really used to like these collaborative ones than to the brand collection alone. Because usually, these collaborative pieces are the one limited edition that has a great quirky designs that we couldn’t find easily on the market today. That’s why these pieces are the most demands once it released. Like for example this awesome Aaron De La Cruz x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses that you were seeing on the top photos. This was the sunglasses that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to have now because look, it has this great print on the frame and at the same time the frame itself is quite different than to the usual frame that’s out in the market today.

This sunglasses is priced at $75 USD online either to the nearby stores. Just check out Brandt’s site for further details regarding this awesome sunglasses here. Thanks!