ERIC NAM – A Thousand Years

I found this solo artist named ERIC NAM over YouTube. And I think he is the same guy way back time who is doing these Kpop songs cover, If I dont mistaken myself about it.. I will then verify it by checking his bio later today and will blog up the update after this post. Actually, I simply loved the range of his voice here and I simply loved his song too that’s why Ive decided to blog him up over here.

As Ive heard, he’s already signed up his contract on the one leading entertainment agency today in Korea. but then again, let me all verify these information I gathered so that I may have some trouble here in the near future..LOL Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on checking back for more fashion and artists updates. Thanks!

Sistar – Loving U


You might already noticed, on this blog, that I used to blog up some Korean Musics or songs most especially Kpop. Because yeah! I admit that I have this big enthusiastic toward the culture and to their musics alone. I dunno, I just find myself loving the kpop musics. I think, you must try to watch one and let me know if you got yourself LSS with it and been crazed already in their

I actually prepared one here which the performance video of the all girls kpop group called Sistar which their ” Loving U” check their video on the top..

I have this hint too, that the music arranger for this song, Loving U, is had been used this awesome furman power conditioners at Guitar Center to make the whole song more catchy and easily to hear.. It just my hint though, because this kind of stuff are the usual instrument that can’t be abolish in most of the Kpop songs..

Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

These are the some pieces that we could expect from the Clothsurgeon 2013 Spring/Summer Collection this season. I must say, their tops are great though it just has this simply designs and yet they’re dope to wear.

I actually, wanted to wear that first basic top that has this Clothsurgeon name print on it. It’s really looks so comfy and at the same time it gives this comfortable feeling on your end once you wears it, why do I know so? Oh well, check the material used, it’s 100% cotton that means is really meant for summer season.

Also, these pieces are already out in the market today. Just heads up on the brandT’s main site for the pricing details and more. I may suggest too that they have this collection ads done with the mirror floor fountains on the background. I think, it makes more for summer season if they done that way.. Eheh just saying though. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Doojoon’s rockin’ on Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD



Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD

When it comes to men’s fashion. It’s indeed unsual for men to be wear off some galaxy prints tee one. Because girls are the one rockin’ on this kind of designs today.. Oh well, not in Kpop industry. Because even men can pull off any girl’s tee with them, quite confusing right? okay! look on Doojoon, B2ST Leader, wearing on the top photo. He really make himself dope through this galaxy print tee for the brand Christopher Kane that has a item name of Christopher Kane Full T-shirt  that is included on the brand’s spring summer collection year 2011. And it has this price of $350USD for just on this tee.. Yeah! that’s how expensive it is..haha

I think, Korean fashion, specifically on Kpop fashion, they’re the most in high-end fashion and expensive one these days in Asia. Because I’d often see them wearing these designer’s finds that most Hollywood artists are wearing of.. My goodness gracious.. That’s how Kpop big nowadays..ehhe

Lee Hi’s wearin’ Wave Print Long Sleeve by Fleamadonna


Lee Hi , Korean solo singer.


Wave Print Long Sleeve by Fleamadonna

I so missed myself having or blogging some kpop fashion out here. That’s why Ive decided then to post up at least one today..heheh Which the Rookie solo article named Lee Hi is wearing.. By the way, Lee Hi is a product of the first season of Kpopstar, A talent show, and now she signed a contract to the one leading entertainment today in Kpop industry which at YG entertainment.. Heads up on the YG main website to know further about this cute lady..

Alright, on the photo on top. Lee Hi is wearing this light top that is color blue from the brand Fleamadonna , a Korean brand, that has a price of ₩98,000 I dunno how to convert it into dollar currency..ahha Just check it yourself as you wanted to buy one over this site : .. All details are in there already.. 🙂 And they have a pink color for this one too… I think pink suits on Lee hi well than to this blue one because the lady is so much adorable..hehe

Push Push – Sistar

Whenever time I check Youtube site I really see to it that I’ve got my awesome sony headphones in. Because this headset really helps me a lot to understand what I’m watching about and its give this convenient too on my end. Like for example this performance video of the all girl kpop group Sistar which the ” push push” I really enjoyed listening to them because the headset really helped to produce also the quality of the video..

(Sponsored Video) Unleashing Your Creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note ii

My current cellphone is two years old and it’s not a smartphone. I know that I have to buy a new one because I wanna be able to have internet access even when I’m on the go. I’ve been browsing the net and asking my friends for suggestions on what phone to buy and they suggested several brands and models that are popular nowadays. Since I’m a practical person, I want something that’s very functional but at the same time perfectly fits my budget. I’m inching towards a Samsung phone because I know how durable and affordable they are. I just don’t know what model to buy. That is, until I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note II commercial.

Owning this phone has many benefits. It has a large 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen that’s very clear and a 16:9 screen ratio that makes for a perfect viewing experience. Its slim body looks stylish and modern. I also like that I can do several tasks on the same screen without having to change screens. This saves me more time and is less confusing. Furthermore, it has the Air View feature which enables you to easily browse your pictures even without opening folders. Another thing I want from my phone is the ability to send emails quickly and without effort. On the Galaxy Note II, just write your command on the pad to send emails, text messages, or if you want to make a call.

This smartphone has awesome expression tools like the Popup Note which you can use while you’re using the phone. You don’t even need a paper anymore. Just write your notes on the Popup Note. The Easy Clip feature lets you crop an image from any screen which you can then save and easily share. For those who like taking pictures but are not too photogenic, the Best Face feature captures your best angle or pose so you’ll surely look pretty in every photo. It also has an S Planner where you can directly write notes in and acts just like a paper planner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery for maximum performance. Buying this phone is really worth it because of all its wonderful features and specifications. As a way of introducing the phone, Samsung came up with a contest called the Find Ralph Challenge wherein contestants should find the missing pixels and complete the Wreck it Ralph poster. The winner will win a Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those who are not familiar with Wreck-It Ralph, it’s a 3D computer-animated movie distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Sponsored By Samsung

2NE1 – “I LOVE YOU” Dance Practice Video

Seriously, I dont image living peeps without 2ne1’s songs on their ipod on.  Because I’d often seen a lot of peeps having an small talk about this new released of song of the kpop group 2ne1 entitled ” I love You” though I am not that fanatic one, but yet, I admit that I do enjoyed myself listening to their (2ne1) musics most especially this recently released ” I love You”. Check the video on top to see how hard work they are just to entertain us.

Alright, that;s it for now and will update you more entertainment related topics on this blog, Thanks a lot! A Shopper’s Haven


It’s not everyday that I find a website that I absolutely enjoy and totally rocks. Just like Facebook and Twitter, is very addicting because it has a lot of features that many fashion enthusiasts will love. I’m very much into fashion and I always make it a point to be on the loop when it comes to trends. Being a member of this site is free and the steps to be taken are rather simple. Just a few clicks and you’re done. You can even meet friends from all over Asia who share your passion for fashion.


They also have this feature called the Clozette Fashion Finds App which you can access in  iTunes. The application can be downloaded and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad that most of you have today. So – let’s all be a member of the site and even have the app installed on your smart phones. Other great things. You can also share some of your fashion styles and even your outfit/s posts using the app. In a way, the apps gives convenient to all of us member. 🙂 we can also check each other closet list through this apps.


This what I most liked over the’s shoppe section which the Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Tardy’ in Yellow because this will speaks on my styles and sneaker kicks that has heels on is the most trends on today’s fashion. That’s why I know most of you gels are also looking for this kind of piece too. Head up here to avail it for reasonable price ever. It may only cost you USD 129.95 as you buy it on the site..:)

There are tons of other things you can do at Clozette. You can post pictures of any of your collection for others to admire or make a list of the things that you are dying to have. They also have a forum where everything from fashion to beauty are discussed. If you are an online seller, Clozette can also be a venue for you to sell your products. You can create a store for free! With just 20 items, you can have your own free online store. If you have less than 20 items, don’t fret since you can still sell items in the Bazaar. Here you can find items like apparels, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. I have tried shopping for shirts and would love to shop some more. I’m also interested in creating a store and selling some stuff since I know that clozette has many members. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’re having a blast shopping and earning money being a seller at the same time. So, be a Clozetter now and be part of  Clozette’s circle of community!