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Today’s unstable economy makes a lot of people more conscious with money. Mindless shopping and spending is no longer the norm. To be able to survive and make ends meet, we should know how to save and effectively manage our budget. Learning how to lower our electricity bill is a good way to start shaving off those financial difficulties. According to the website Which?, cooling appliances like refrigerators and freezers account for 20% of the electricity consumed by all the appliances in our homes. It also points out that cheap refrigerators that consume a lot of electricity could be more expensive to maintain in the long run than expensive refrigerators that are energy efficient. It is best to do our research first and buy a refrigerator and/or freezer that is not only energy efficient and have low running costs but also will stand the test of time.

Having said that, Samsung has always been known for selling high quality yet affordable and energy efficient appliances. It has been a while since I last bought a refrigerator and I think one from Samsung will be a great choice. I visited their website and saw some really interesting new models like the RB31FDRNDSA Fridge Freezer which has so many features. I especially like its “True No Frost” feature and external water dispenser which is so convenient and functional. Another nice model is the RB31FEJNCSS Fridge Freezer which has equally great features.

But my favorite is the RB31FERNDSS Fridge Freezer which I first saw in Youtube. The Samsung commercial which featured a group of monkey thieves with British accents is delightful. It is unique, totally absorbing and memorable. They specifically chose to break into a house with a Samsung fridge and stole all its contents much to the shock of the owner. The advertisement emphasizes that only a Samsung refrigerator can keep food fresh and juicy that is why it is the sole choice of the monkeys.

This model has functional and convenient features that everyone will appreciate. It has easy to pull easy slide shelves, external display, and Full Open Box which accommodates bulky items. It also has a digital inverter compressor which maintains consistent temperature, reduces the compressor’s wear and tear, as well as minimize the noise. The Big Guard feature enables you to store big containers in the door along with two rows for cans and bottles while the True No Frost feature keeps all food fresh due to even cooling. Furthermore, it has a Top LED light which brightens the entire refrigerator. All these features make up for an energy efficiant home appliance. Visit the Samsung Newsroom to know more about their latest models and everything that is happening with the company.

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