Doojoon’s rockin’ on Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD



Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD

When it comes to men’s fashion. It’s indeed unsual for men to be wear off some galaxy prints tee one. Because girls are the one rockin’ on this kind of designs today.. Oh well, not in Kpop industry. Because even men can pull off any girl’s tee with them, quite confusing right? okay! look on Doojoon, B2ST Leader, wearing on the top photo. He really make himself dope through this galaxy print tee for the brand Christopher Kane that has a item name of Christopher Kane Full T-shirt  that is included on the brand’s spring summer collection year 2011. And it has this price of $350USD for just on this tee.. Yeah! that’s how expensive it is..haha

I think, Korean fashion, specifically on Kpop fashion, they’re the most in high-end fashion and expensive one these days in Asia. Because I’d often see them wearing these designer’s finds that most Hollywood artists are wearing of.. My goodness gracious.. That’s how Kpop big nowadays..ehhe

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