Romantic and Unique ways to pop the question

If this advice is relevant to you, well then as they say in the chosen tongue, mazel tov! It means that, if she says yes (and knowing you, she will) you’ll be getting married soon! I hope you’ve been saving. But before you pop that question that spans an eternity maybe you’re thinking of just how can I avoid the cliché? We’ve all been to a couple of weddings and while they’re not all the same, none of them really seem right for your imagination. That is certainly the case for me. You might be wondering, just like I have countless times before, ‘what can I do to make my wedding more catered to me and my special someone?’ First thing’s first; what do all weddings have in common? No, not stomping on a wine glass… wedding rings.

I’d like to say that wedding rings come in all shapes in sizes, but really they come in one shape and their sizes vary in millimeters if at all. There’s white gold, there is classic gold, there is silver, titanium and platinum, but what about wood wedding rings ?

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Yes, those exist, but they are not just for hippies and cheapskates. They are elegant, fine pieces, carved with intricate care and precision. While they don’t seem like a conservative traditional thing, remember they’re not. And neither are you. If you want your special day to be different, try thinking differently! Your loved one will cherish this individualized sentiment as much as gold because she’ll know that you’re not just giving her what’s expected, you’re giving her what she wants.

And what better way to walk down that aisle with your teary-eyed mother than in a nice gift, tailored just for you? Answer? There is none. That’s why a Rolex watch is the perfect wingman for your perfect day. Step into your new life as a husband with something as timeless and reliable as any diamond you would give your fiancé. If a diamond is a girl’s best friend, a Rolex is a man’s. You might be saying, ‘yeah, but a diamond is invincible. It’s the Superman of Earth’s gems.’ Well, fear not, the Rolex is just a half step behind. No, they’re not formed over thousand of years under thousands of tons of pressure, but if your brand new Rolex strays a second from perfect time, take is straight to a rolex repair shop and set it right. There’s no reason both you and your now wife can’t have the perfect thing to set you aside.

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So send out those classy invitations on papyrus rather than paper. Serve lamb and lobster instead of chicken and fish. Challenge yourself to find the best way to celebrate your union, and go ahead, stomp on that glass! Mazel tov! Just don’t forget, you can’t have lobster at a Jewish wedding.

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