Paris Hilton Wears Carrera Safari Sunglasses


Editorial in any magazines and even those fashion enthusiasts are used to follow on what Paris wearing. Because the sexy celebrity had really a great fashion sense that most girls are looking forward today. On the top photo, Paris is spotted wearing a nice slim swimwear that he pairs in head piece and this great Carrera Safari  for her sunglasses. Actually, I’ve got an email before asking of, if  I could find out on what Paris wearing, on her sunglasses, on this photo. So – yeah! Ive found on the internet that the sunglasses she rockin is from the brand Carrera that has a ranging price of 80-120$ in any sunglasses online stores or in the brand Carrera near you.

So – yeah! that’s it for now and dont forget to wear your sunglasses as you want to go out because sunshine might cause some blurry eyesight on you as you dont wear your sunglasses as your protection and at the same time, sunglasses really helps to rock the whole outfit you have.. 🙂 Thanks folks and have a nice day ahead to everyone..

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