Adidas Originals Superstar 80’s Chinese New Year


Adidas looks like they still have a hang on Chinese New Year stuffs. I recently seen the JS Wings that is also inspired by Chinese New Year, that’s the collaboration of Jeremy Scott and Eason Chan, a blue-winged hi cut shoes that is very colorful with the roses embroidery. And now, here’s another one Jeremy Scott creation, a Superstar 80’s that has a snake prints and has a snake skin pattern. Maybe because the coming new year is year of the snake (I am not sure with that). There’s this one thing that makes this shoes very traditional Chinese, it is the ornate jade lace which is said to be a lucky charm. Chinese believes in this, so why not try to have it on your shoes.

This Superstar 80’s comes in two colors, grey and red, and this will be available next year, January 2013. This is a must have because it was made by the great designer Jeremy Scott and this one has a different touch for the Superstar 80’s. The vintage look of the Superstar 80’s is still there. Maybe we will get lucky with this shoes because it has a jade lucky charm. There is no harm in trying and believing. What if this thing is true and you will benefit with this belief. Or just simply have this shoes to add on your collection of fashionable shoes. You can line this one with the winged shoes and the one with teddy bear shoes.

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