A Bathing Ape x Cover-it-All 2012 BAPE 1ST CAMO Chair


We’ve been seeing lots of camo’s lately in almost everything. There’s clothes, shoes, bags and even accessories that has Camo design. But for me Camo designs is one of the coolest in the trend lately and I am happy to see an addition to those Camo printed things. The addition that I am talking about is this A bathing Ape x Cover-it-All 2012 1st BAPE CAMO Chair. Yes, you got it right, a Camo printed chair. We all know that A Bathing Ape is a clothing company from Tokyo, Japan. The said company specializes on lifestyle and streetwear clothes and accessories. And Bathing ape have lots of items that has a Camo print. And now they have been collaborated with cover-it-all, which is a Japanese furniture designer, they came out with this camo chair.

The chair is made of fiberglass shell and has three colors to choose from. There’s blue, pink and red. The pink and blue color has a white outline while the green color has a black outline. These colorful chairs are available online and costs $226 USD, which is not a bad price for a very stylish chair. I can say that cover-it-all gave their best because it is their first time to collaborate with other brand. These chairs really look stylish and you can proudly display or use these chairs at home or even on work places. Thumbs up to these two very creative company that created this camo chair.

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