LRG “Alohigh” Bucket Hat

 photo lrg-alohigh-bucket-hat-1_zps3a3a28d8.jpg

Since we’re about to have this fall season. I think fedora hats are now out in the fashion trend these days and it’s replace with this Bucket Hat now. Yeah! Bucket hat is now the must-haves as you wanted yourself to be hip and dope as this fall and winter season comes. This also fits in the season, fall and winter, because they have this full coverage of the head that can keeps warm with you. Indeed! this is fashionable and yet functional on each of our end.

Recently, the brand LRG had released their own Bucket hat that they’d called Alohigh which made off awesome prints in it. You can see the hat’s style on the top photo. I must say, these hats are can be suitable in any outfit and styling you may have for fall and winter season. I may also put up some of my outfit photos here here wearing and rocking myself through this bucket hats. Thanks so much and I hope you may keep on checking me here.

size? x Nike Air Max Light Teaser

 photo size-x-nike-air-max-light-teaser-1_zpsf1ed5c3f.jpg

I loved to see all things or fashion pieces teaser photos or sneak peek. Because this keeps me feel so exited about them and to eager to have them with me. Yeah! I am quite obsessed with these all limited edition finds in fashion because these are the things that might your friends got envy nope kidding aside. These pieces were the most talked about pieces in the fashion industry and when you got them and have them wear, you can be in trend and definitely got swag through the item/s itself. Got what I mean here? I hope you do because I dont want to further explain it here due of tiredness am having today. Sorry for the lame post I got down here.

So yeah! here the size? x Nike Air Max Light Teaser that we could expect these months ahead to be release in the market. By the way, this was an collaborative piece from the brands size? & Nike. And I am pretty sure that this shoe is pretty dope and can be wear even with your casual wear. Why do I know? because Nike shoes are usual versatile as much size? that’s why I got this hint that this kicks is also way versatile which can be wear off in any styling you may have there.

Alright, that’s it for now and sorry. Because I haven’t got any details yet about this kicks since it was just a teaser they’ve released. I hope you understand.

buy yamaha bb clarinet mouthpieces at guitar center

I fond myself to get in to this music industry. Yeah! that’s how confident I am now because I just wanna to try out other things which made me truly frustrated since I was a young boy which making or to at least make numerous videos over my youtube  channel showcasing my real born talent which is singing.. LOL Nope! I am just kidding there. I just want to try to cover some musical instruments like guitars,piano,drums and more. However, I need to buy yamaha bb clarinet mouthpieces at guitar center to get started this. I hope my parents will support me on this and buy this instrument without any exchange of like a better grades and sorts of parents enjoyment.

Buy american dj flat par tri 18 at musician’s friend

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I was planning to buy this awesome buy american dj flat par tri 18 at musician’s friend for my soonest home. Because I am planning to make one room for my party people visitors, if ever so, at the home to enjoy. Yeah! because my usual friends are these group of people who’re used to hangout and chill most of the time. That’s why putting on an little disco room on my home is the best thing to do and a very convenient for all of us. I will let you know once I got a room for this. 🙂

By the way, american dj flat par tri 18 can be also use in any disco type rooms or in the disco places itself . You can either use it in any simple gatherings like birthdays,weddings and for your garage party in Christmas day. Have your own american dj flat par tri 18 now for personal use because this instrument is quite functional on our daily lives,

Big Bang – Love Song

Since I was quite hooked up with some love and dating related topics this recently on this site. I think putting an love song here is still relevant for me to do and for the blog to have its place at google’s search with these love related keywords thingy as people are searching about it. That’s why I am so fond to include this song entitled ” Love song” sang by the most leading Korean boy band today called Big Bang. I actually an avid fan of them since I’ve started to view their each songs way back time until today. Because indeed! their songs are catchy and has this great meaning on each of them.

So – yeah!n that is it. Just watch the video on top for you to see how awesome this group is..

Comfort of Sandals

 photo 999516_652821571396243_1148124163_n_zps79467b48.png

We are still experiencing the awesome hit of the sun these days. Some were having fun of it while are prefer to have the cold weather instead. Whatever you’d like to be I think sandals is the best footwear that can works in any season we’re passing through. Because sandal are very versatile as well they’re the most comfortable to wear and they have this great benefits on our feet.

You can style yourself with this sandals with short and some great plain top or shirt if you are going in any casual places or gatherings. You may be also wear this sandals in any formal occasions like in garden and beach wedding. You can also rock this with your pants as of your daily wear like what brad Pitt usually styling himself for this summer season. Yeah, indeed! sandals are the most functional and yet fashionable footwear today that we really have to consider as we wanted ourselves to be hip and in trend for today’s fashion.

Search Your Better Half Online

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People are quite busy doing their each thing each day. Some were committed with their jobs, some with studies and others busy running their own businesses and related. What ever it could be it is necessary for us all to have our own partner in life, a person that we can lean on every time, a companion every where through thick and thin, and a person that who would like to grow old with you. I meant your better half. Because this how god made humanity where we’ll have to work as two as a married and as love ones. However, most of peeps doesn’t find a way on where they could find their significant other through all the deeds they have to do every time. But no worries, because you can just check for single ones who’re openly with adult dating, Adult Dating Services, online dating, sex dating either sex partners if you prefers it though.

I am actually fan of the site because the site is helping out singles to find their better half as well to have fun with for those people who would just want to get entertain themselves for their free time. Shagaholic is offering some adult movies too for all without any hidden charges in it. All you have to do is to signup their site and have yourself one account and everything is well running then. Go check it for yourself for further details and features that may works on your needs.


Website that everyone’s can enjoy

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I was blogging for about a 2 years now. And all the sites I knew, where relates on movies, are usual has a costs because watching movies online is huge thing these days because people are fond on using computer than having themselves watching movies over the local channels. Also, in online.. You can watch everything from wholesome to SPG and adult movies. I actually know one Free Porn Videos where you could watch all the intimate movies which separated on these categories,Sex Movies, Porno, XXX, Porn Tube, Pussy Porn at slut garden – visit of site, all are free subscriptions.

Good thing about this site is.. You can have your account definitely for free and you don’t have to link any of your credit card either your bank account like other adult sites do. Indeed! We can really enjoy this site to the fullest.

Slut garden has these features of “Categories of Free Sex Videos” which can easily to browse videos kind of thing, not like to the other sites where all the videos are not yet categorized that makes you quite confused on how does the certain adult site works. Go check the site now and have yourself enjoy watching all the SPG free movies.

Types of Mens Casual Pants

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Once upon a time, men had three types of pants: suit pants, casual pants, and jeans. These days, casual pants can be broken down even further. Here are some different types of men’s casual pants.

1) Jeans. Jeans are almost everybody’s favorite casual pants. They are also extremely versatile, and can look good in almost any setting. For example, at a cookout among friends, jeans paired with a polo shirt make an excellent outfit, while at a business casual function, new, dark blue jeans with a sport coat present a sharp look.

2) Khakis. Khakis are made out of 100% cotton fabric. Their origins date back to the time immediately following World War II, when leftover twill from military uniforms was readily available. Since then, khakis are no longer just khaki-colored, but are manufactured in a range of colors, the most prominent of which are khaki, black, dark blue and olive green. They also come in plain and pleated fronts.

3) Chinos. Chinos and khakis are close cousins, but are not identical. Unlike the 100% cotton khakis, chinos are made with fabric that is either cotton blended with a synthetic fabric or even a 100% synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are fabrics made with a man-made fiber as opposed to a natural fiber such as cotton or hemp. Because chinos have tapered legs, and a brighter sheen to them then khakis, they are usually considered the more formal of the two types of pants. For the most part, they come in the same range of colors as khakis.

4) Corduroy. Corduroy pants can be made to resemble jeans, khakis or chinos. Corduroy is a warmer fabric that people in the Southeast or Southwest United States associate with warmer, but which can be worn year round in more northern climes. Corduroy is a ribbed fabric, meaning that it has regular ridges and valleys all the way around it. It feels soft against the skin. Because it can be sewn into several different pants types, it can be worn in a variety of settings.

5) Cargo pants. The most recognizable distinction between cargo pants and the other types of casual pants is pockets. Cargo pants generally have four front pockets on them in addition to the two pockets on the back. The pockets generally are so large they fall to the end of a man’s knees. Pants can still be considered cargo pants even if they only have one pocket as long as that pocket has a Velcro or other type of closure for the pocket and the pocket reaches down as far as the knees. Cargo pants are not restricted to any particular type of fabric and are especially useful for men in professions where they need to carry a good number of objects around with them.

6) Drawstring pants. Drawstring pants use a string, either true string or a sewn fabric string that passes through a casing built into the waist with two opening in the front center for the string to come out of, to fasten the pants onto the wearer. Some drawstring pants have elastic in their waist bands also. Drawstring pants are the most casual type of pants that men wear. They are common in gym suits and shorts and may or may not have pockets. Ultra comfortable, they are perfect for lounging around the house or for exercise, but not for anywhere else.

When you are wearing any kind of casual pants, you need to provide them with a good foundation underneath. There are many types of mens briefs available, but the best boxer briefs have a unique pouch feature in the front that provides padding for support and fit. Look at for examples. They also manufacture mens briefs with rear padding to provide you a better contoured fit not matter what type of casual pants you are wearing at the time. At their web site, you can find briefs with both pouch and rear features, or with either one singly.

Here’s to the differences between men’s casual pants and to men wearing them in the way that looks best!