Lovely Accordion

Not many people know how to play the accordion. It is somewhat fascinating to watch someone play this instrument. It would be nice to learn how to play this. A classic hohner accordion would probably be the best brand. Each instrument is carefully designed, constructed, and manufactured with high quality in mind. Only the finest materials are used and the craftsmanship is perfectly made by experts. Buyers will be delighted to know that there are plenty of online stores selling these lovely instruments. They come in various models, features, and designs. Some models are the Hohner Bravo III 120 Accordion, Hohner Compadre EAD Accordion, and Hohner Bravo Piano Accordion 60 Bass among others.

[Sponsored Video] The Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note ii

I am canvassing online for a new smartphone. Since my budget is not that big, I am reading all the phone specifications and features as well as taking note of how much each phone costs. I want something that is loaded with features but will not drain my budget. Throughout the years I have bought different brands but among all those brands, my favorite is Samsung. They have high quality phones that are absolutely affordable. But probably the best thing about them is how durable and stylish their units are. I took a look at their Samsung Galaxy Series and saw a couple of interesting models. Among those, the Samsung Galaxy Note II stood out.

Among the excellent features of this phone is its large and ultra clear 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen with 16:9 screen ratio for perfect viewing. The user can perform many tasks on the same screen without having to change screens which lessens confusion and saves more time. For movie lovers like me, the Galaxy Note II has a pop-out video player that allows me to watch a movie in a floating window while performing other duties. For people who like taking pictures and storing them in their phones, the Air View feature enables you to easily browse your pictures without opening folders.

Another notable feature of this phone is the Popup Note which can be used even while you are talking to someone on your phone. This serves as your paper. I happen to send emails to different people everyday and the ability of the Galaxy Note II to send emails quickly by simply writing your command on the pad to send emails is really convenient. Its S Planner acts just like a paper planner where you can directly write notes on your phone. For those who hate looking bad in their pictures, the Best Face feature takes your best pose so you will look great in every photo. All these features are topped with a slim body that is super modern and chic. Furthermore, its 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery provides ultimate performance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s features are on full display in its contest called the Find Ralph Challenge. A contestant should find all the missing pixels and complete the Wreck-It Ralph poster. Wreck-It Ralph is a 3D computer-animated movie from Walt Disney Pictures about a titular arcade game villain who rebels against his role and dreams of becoming a hero. Prizes for the contest are only available in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

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Doojoon’s rockin’ on Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD



Christopher Kane Full T-shirt (SS’11) $350USD

When it comes to men’s fashion. It’s indeed unsual for men to be wear off some galaxy prints tee one. Because girls are the one rockin’ on this kind of designs today.. Oh well, not in Kpop industry. Because even men can pull off any girl’s tee with them, quite confusing right? okay! look on Doojoon, B2ST Leader, wearing on the top photo. He really make himself dope through this galaxy print tee for the brand Christopher Kane that has a item name of Christopher Kane Full T-shirt  that is included on the brand’s spring summer collection year 2011. And it has this price of $350USD for just on this tee.. Yeah! that’s how expensive it is..haha

I think, Korean fashion, specifically on Kpop fashion, they’re the most in high-end fashion and expensive one these days in Asia. Because I’d often see them wearing these designer’s finds that most Hollywood artists are wearing of.. My goodness gracious.. That’s how Kpop big nowadays..ehhe

Lee Hi’s wearin’ Wave Print Long Sleeve by Fleamadonna


Lee Hi , Korean solo singer.


Wave Print Long Sleeve by Fleamadonna

I so missed myself having or blogging some kpop fashion out here. That’s why Ive decided then to post up at least one today..heheh Which the Rookie solo article named Lee Hi is wearing.. By the way, Lee Hi is a product of the first season of Kpopstar, A talent show, and now she signed a contract to the one leading entertainment today in Kpop industry which at YG entertainment.. Heads up on the YG main website to know further about this cute lady..

Alright, on the photo on top. Lee Hi is wearing this light top that is color blue from the brand Fleamadonna , a Korean brand, that has a price of ₩98,000 I dunno how to convert it into dollar currency..ahha Just check it yourself as you wanted to buy one over this site : .. All details are in there already.. 🙂 And they have a pink color for this one too… I think pink suits on Lee hi well than to this blue one because the lady is so much adorable..hehe

Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket


Now, its clear like a water nope! Recently, I usually see some creations that has floral prints on it or made of floral materials and so. That’s why I’ve thought at first that this statements or those creations are made off  only for girls fashion, however, I was so wrong then because even men’s fashion are using this prints too on each pieces. Look what Ive found on Balenciaga where they made this Printed Satin Bomber Jacket for their men’s collection. Great,right? now, I’ll find some great floral prints finds for my bother to be wear of this coming summer season. Because he keeps on asking me on what certain pieces that are trending for this summer for him to rock on..hehe And now, I’ll give him this kind of piece here..hehe

Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket is now available online and even walk-in stores. Just check the Balenciaga nearby stores for their new collection pieces and you might this Printed Satin Bomber Jacket hanging on their stores already.. Also visit the Balenciaga site for more further details about this awesome jacket.

As I’ve checked this online. The jacket,Balenciaga Printed Satin Bomber Jacket, has this price of  £762 GBP (approximately $1,150 USD) on the MR. PORTER site here Okay.. that’s it.. Thanks!

FRESH.i.AM 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




This brand FRESH.i.AM  simply caught my attention these pieces they’ve made for their spring summer lookbook because look, these was so quirky and swag that most girls can pull off.. I must say, these pieces signifies empowerment of a girl and how girl’s does fashion today. Yeah! this was also trend for girl’s fashion wherein they bring this boyish style to them and make the most dope out of them..hehe

By the way, this new evolution for girl’s fashion is indeed awesome and am so looking forward too, to see some other fashion brands having this kind of collections too. and I hope they’ll consider having some hinges inspired fashion collection soon..heheh Let’s all see if they go down on this ideas..

gibson les paul standard plus at music123


When it comes to musical instruments my all time favorite to play was this awesome gibson les paul standard plus at music123. Because this brand of guitar is really has a great quality of sounds and at the same time you could also connect it into speakers that can widen the full sounds. Awesome, right? that’s why I was planning to invest some of this guitar soon. I’ll let you know once I bought some. Thanks!