Diamond Studded Case for iPhone


I’ve seen lots of cute cases for iPhone, there is lot of designs that we can choose from, there’s floral designs, aztec design, cartoon character design, skulls design, and many other. There are made of rubbers and some are hard plastics. But this one that with diamond studs stands out among them all. This diamond studded iPhone case is the most elegant I’ve ever seen.

As for me, a self proclaimed iPhone fan, I would definitely love to have this kind of iPhone case. An iPhone is the most popular among the smartphones almost all over the world. The reason why the iPhone users using an iPhone case is for the protection and it adds glam to it. iPhone users usually changes an iPhone case depending on what they are wearing yo match, and depending to an event they are going. This iPhone case would definitely go well when you are wearing a black gown for an event, It will match perfectly if you are wearing the same studded jewelry and studded gown as well.

I also think that will be very good to those glamorous Hollywood stars. Its diamond studs will be perfect for the glam of the Hollywood stars. For example, I am a Hollywood star, I would definitely use this diamond studded iPhone case everyday. This really goes well to the glitz and glamour of being a Bollywood star. Oh how I really fall in love with this iPhone case. I will be dreaming of this because I know this is the only thing I can do because this will be surely an expensive thing to have.

Pink Diamonds


This one will definitely make the girls crazy and gaga about, especially those who really love color pink. Who ever imagine that there’s this kind of diamond? A pink diamond one? Yes! there really is a diamond like this, pink diamond. I just discovered that there is a blue colored diamond, and now I’m tackling about a pink colored diamond.

This one is more girly, most girls love pink. But may I say that this kind of diamonds are more expensive than the usual white colored one. Wanting something like this will be very hard to have, unless the Mr. Right will be giving you this and ask you to marry him. Oh come on girls, you will never be thinking and say yes instantly without blinking an eye because you got mesmerized by this undeniably beautiful pink diamond ring.

If you are a single lady not expecting someone to give you something like this, just save and maybe you can afford this kind of diamond ring. And if the time comes that you have the money, take all the things to be considered on buying a diamond. The most commonly considered things on buying a diamond ring are the four C’s which is the Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. Starting with the clarity, the gem should be in good visual appearance and no trace of any blemishes. Second is the Color, this should be perfect in color no fading on its color. Next is Carat, carat is the unit used on measuring gemstones and also pearls. And lastly is the cut, there are variety of cuts to choose from, it’s up to you which the pink diamond will look good.


Park Bom (2ne1) rockin on her Christian Louboutin Heels



Bana 140 Patent Leather Pumps Black Outlet by Christian Louboutin

When it comes to girls Korean fashion. I know, most of you are keep on following on what this all girl group called 2ne1 had wears. Because this group is the most fashionable yet in all Kpop group nowadays, I think so, that’s why most of you are keep on asking on what pieces the group had wore for you to get hip on today’s fashion. Yeah! this group is more into high-end fashion, that’s why if you wanted to be on hip and trends, just follow them up on what pieces they had worn for you to involve yourself in the fashion industry today. That’s if you dont have your own fashion statement yet.

On the top photos. Park Bom, one of the 2ne1 member, is wearing an great patterns of slim dress that she pairs on nice killer heels that is from the brand Christian Louboutin that has a item name of Bana 140 Patent Leather Pumps Black Outlet. I dunno the price yet, however, soon I got to know further, sure thing, I will update you again in here. Thanks a lot!

Topman Swallow Patterned Sweatshirt, £30


Summer season is indeed past to happened, and we’re now having some heavy rains these days. That’s why I came up on this post wherein, I’ll be tackling on what piece that can still make you dope though we’ve already got this lazy raining days.

Today, while I was on my facebook account the European leading brand when it comes to men’s fashion which the Topman had released their new piece called Swallow Patterned Sweatshirt that we could have for just only £30 in the Topman main online store. Check the site now for the further details about this sweat screw neck shirt here.

What is my thought/s about the piece,Topman Swallow Patterned Sweatshirt? oh well, I’d simply liked the details and designs. Because it’s more like there’s an albatross birds concept happening on the shirt which a way quirky than to the usual sweatshirt out in the market today. That’s why I found this piece dope here. Okay, that’s it for now and will update you more by my next posts. Thanks!

Limited Edition Eyewear – Mykita & Beth Ditto



When it comes to sunglasses today. I know most of you will agree on me that retro styles are the one on hip because retro fever was the one trends today in fashion. Today, I was supposed to blog up about this awesome sunglasses, a limited edition of sunglasses from the brand Mykita & Beth Ditto, I think, this was an collaborative set of sunglasses that might be out soonest in the market. Let’s all wait for it. I’d also update you here once they’re out already.

About the pricing range? I dunno it yet, however, soon I got to know it further, of course, I will update you again in here. And please keep on supporting us by just simply visiting the blog, Pinklolly.info, often. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekdays. How I wish its my Friday today..ehe

2NE1 – “I LOVE YOU” Dance Practice Video

Seriously, I dont image living peeps without 2ne1’s songs on their ipod on.  Because I’d often seen a lot of peeps having an small talk about this new released of song of the kpop group 2ne1 entitled ” I love You” though I am not that fanatic one, but yet, I admit that I do enjoyed myself listening to their (2ne1) musics most especially this recently released ” I love You”. Check the video on top to see how hard work they are just to entertain us.

Alright, that;s it for now and will update you more entertainment related topics on this blog, Pinklolly.info. Thanks a lot!

Word. Pocket Notebooks



Who would have thought that notebooks can be fashionable? But yes! There is a notebook that is very stylish, this is the Word. Pocket Notebooks. These pocket notebooks is a very fashionable and very worthy one. This is made of 100% recycled paper (but still, the paper of this pocket notebook is smooth), designed and made in the United States of America. It is a 48 page notebook. The price of these notebooks is $9,99 USD and sold by 3’s per pack. It has six different colors to choose from which are traditional camo, tan camo, Swedish camo, black, orange and natural. The most attractive design for me is the camo prints (almost all the camo prints). We can all see that camo is the mostly seen print on every items now like bags, clothes and other accessories.

We can now be back on using the basic notebook that we are using the most back then. We will be back because this notebook is very stylish and at the same time functional. We all know that we can write every important notes that to be saved. And our to-do lists, we can get excited to use this cutey, fashionable notebook. We can now post our reminders in this notebook so we cannot forget those special events like meetings, birthdays or any other date important notes. We can rest on using our cellphone’s reminder and notes application. Let’s just try to be back on the basic and enjoy this cute pocket notebook.

By the way, do you know any standsandmounts-peerless mounts? because I might needed it soon. Kindly advise any if you know where the best place, online or walk-in stores, to buy it. thanks!

Affordable and Stylish Nursing Scrub Uniforms


The medical profession is probably one of the hardest and most stressful careers in the world. If you watch TV shows about doctors and nurses it is very evident that it’s a challenging job. I also happen to notice their cute scrub suits. There was a time when medical outfits used to be plain, boring, and consisted of one color. Now, there are many online shops selling cheap nursing scrub uniforms that are stylish, colorful, and fun. Surely, wearing these uniforms just made the medical field a lot more enjoyable.

One online shop that’s a leader in the field is MedicalDiscountScrubs.com. They have a great selection of nursing scrub uniforms for men and women that come in different styles. Buyers can click the following categories: Women, Men, Cherokee, Dickies, Size, Footwear, Scopes, New, and Sale. They can also choose to shop by collections. Some of the collections they have are Baby Phat, Studio B, Scrubs HQ, Cherokee Body, Fashion Whites, Team Scrubs, and Cherokee Touch.

If you click a category, search items can be further refined by clicking the Shop by Style and Shop by Size tabs. There are scrubs available for petite, tall, and plus size buyers. Available prints are hearts, floral, butterfly prints and many more. There are round necked scrubs, scoop neck tops, sweetheart neck tops, U-shape neckline tops, Zig Zag Stitch tops, and a dozen other scrubs. It really is difficult to choose with so many items available.

If you want it simple, there are also plain scrubs in green, red, yellow, pink, and blue. Click the picture of the item you’ve chosen and the price along with the available colors and sizes will appear. They currently ship within the 48 Continental United States. Shoppers would be delighted to know that shipping is free on orders over $79. You can make your payments via AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.