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Galaxy Note ii

My current cellphone is two years old and it’s not a smartphone. I know that I have to buy a new one because I wanna be able to have internet access even when I’m on the go. I’ve been browsing the net and asking my friends for suggestions on what phone to buy and they suggested several brands and models that are popular nowadays. Since I’m a practical person, I want something that’s very functional but at the same time perfectly fits my budget. I’m inching towards a Samsung phone because I know how durable and affordable they are. I just don’t know what model to buy. That is, until I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note II commercial.

Owning this phone has many benefits. It has a large 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen that’s very clear and a 16:9 screen ratio that makes for a perfect viewing experience. Its slim body looks stylish and modern. I also like that I can do several tasks on the same screen without having to change screens. This saves me more time and is less confusing. Furthermore, it has the Air View feature which enables you to easily browse your pictures even without opening folders. Another thing I want from my phone is the ability to send emails quickly and without effort. On the Galaxy Note II, just write your command on the pad to send emails, text messages, or if you want to make a call.

This smartphone has awesome expression tools like the Popup Note which you can use while you’re using the phone. You don’t even need a paper anymore. Just write your notes on the Popup Note. The Easy Clip feature lets you crop an image from any screen which you can then save and easily share. For those who like taking pictures but are not too photogenic, the Best Face feature captures your best angle or pose so you’ll surely look pretty in every photo. It also has an S Planner where you can directly write notes in and acts just like a paper planner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 3100mAh battery for maximum performance. Buying this phone is really worth it because of all its wonderful features and specifications. As a way of introducing the phone, Samsung came up with a contest called the Find Ralph Challenge wherein contestants should find the missing pixels and complete the Wreck it Ralph poster. The winner will win a Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those who are not familiar with Wreck-It Ralph, it’s a 3D computer-animated movie distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Adidas Originals Superstar 80’s Chinese New Year


Adidas looks like they still have a hang on Chinese New Year stuffs. I recently seen the JS Wings that is also inspired by Chinese New Year, that’s the collaboration of Jeremy Scott and Eason Chan, a blue-winged hi cut shoes that is very colorful with the roses embroidery. And now, here’s another one Jeremy Scott creation, a Superstar 80’s that has a snake prints and has a snake skin pattern. Maybe because the coming new year is year of the snake (I am not sure with that). There’s this one thing that makes this shoes very traditional Chinese, it is the ornate jade lace which is said to be a lucky charm. Chinese believes in this, so why not try to have it on your shoes.

This Superstar 80’s comes in two colors, grey and red, and this will be available next year, January 2013. This is a must have because it was made by the great designer Jeremy Scott and this one has a different touch for the Superstar 80’s. The vintage look of the Superstar 80’s is still there. Maybe we will get lucky with this shoes because it has a jade lucky charm. There is no harm in trying and believing. What if this thing is true and you will benefit with this belief. Or just simply have this shoes to add on your collection of fashionable shoes. You can line this one with the winged shoes and the one with teddy bear shoes.

Nixon 2013 Spring/Summer “Desert Sand” Collection


As an addition to Nixon’s Spring/Summer Collection here’s another one to add on the “Regal Collection” and “Anodaze Collection”, it is the Nixon 2013 Spring/Summer “Desert Sand. The brand Nixon from California that specializes on watches and also on accessories did this Dessert Collection, The title of this collection simply describes the items in this collection. Starting with the colors that’s been used. The color of the collection looks like the same color as the sand on the desert. You can jave this feeling that you are in the desert when looking at the items. These items must be cool to use on outdoor activities. So in case you have a plan to visit a middle eastern country where there is desert, try to have some items in this collection.

These Desert Collection items will be available soon. So watch out for these. The items that you can have in this collection is of course, watches, which what Nixon is good at, there’s a varsity jacket, wallet, slim leather belt, and glasses. These items are mostly has the same color palette sauch as browns and stone color.  There’s this one thing that I noticed with one of the watches, there’s this one design that its crown is positioned on the left part of the watch, unlike the usual that is placed on right. This watch may be good for those who wears watch on their right hands. Aside from that, everything in this collection is great.

I, personally liked all the prints happening on this collection. It’s like they are made from printing presentation folders at printingamerica.com.

A Bathing Ape x Cover-it-All 2012 BAPE 1ST CAMO Chair


We’ve been seeing lots of camo’s lately in almost everything. There’s clothes, shoes, bags and even accessories that has Camo design. But for me Camo designs is one of the coolest in the trend lately and I am happy to see an addition to those Camo printed things. The addition that I am talking about is this A bathing Ape x Cover-it-All 2012 1st BAPE CAMO Chair. Yes, you got it right, a Camo printed chair. We all know that A Bathing Ape is a clothing company from Tokyo, Japan. The said company specializes on lifestyle and streetwear clothes and accessories. And Bathing ape have lots of items that has a Camo print. And now they have been collaborated with cover-it-all, which is a Japanese furniture designer, they came out with this camo chair.

The chair is made of fiberglass shell and has three colors to choose from. There’s blue, pink and red. The pink and blue color has a white outline while the green color has a black outline. These colorful chairs are available online and costs $226 USD, which is not a bad price for a very stylish chair. I can say that cover-it-all gave their best because it is their first time to collaborate with other brand. These chairs really look stylish and you can proudly display or use these chairs at home or even on work places. Thumbs up to these two very creative company that created this camo chair.

Nixon 2013 Spring/Summer “Anodaze” Collection


I can say that I don’t really know about the brand Nixon, until one of my friend gave me a Nixon Time Teller P. I get excited with the watch that he gave me because it is color green, which is my favorite color. And the watch itself is very cute, simple but fashionable. And after that time I checked what Nixon brand offers. I found out that Nixon is a brand from California that started on 1997. And they are making accessories and watches that is for the youth’s lifestyle.

And now, Nixon is out with its NIXON 2013 Spring/Summer “Anodaze” Collection. The collection will be available early next year. The brand launches their new collection with the items on this photo which are watches, cap, and this Nixon iPhone case. The first thing that caught my attention is this iPhone case, this iPhone case is made of aluminum. Very nice color in red anf has NIXON name on it. Nixon’s collection will never be complete without a Time Teller P, Time Teller P is a design that looks the trademark of Nixon. This is the same style that I have the first. In this collection Nixon has a red and grey color Time Teller P. And the other model of watch included in this collection is this monochromatic watch that also has grey/yellow and black/red color. And lastly is the grey cap that can be used everyday by the guys whenever they want to.

Also, in any nixon stores I’ve noticed that they often uses this Honeywell Barcode Scanner than to the usual scanner maybe this much safeties than the usual one..



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Attachment by Kazuyuki Kumagai 2013 Spring/Summer Collection





Spring & summer is probably the most fashionable season of the whole year, people can wear more colorful outfits and not so heavy and thick garment clothes. On this Attachment by Kazuyuki Kumagai 2013 Spring/Summer Collection, a men’s designer clothing, men can find a variety of outfit that can be worn on casual and formal event. Kazuyuki Kumagai really has a good taste when it comes to choosing fabrics on his designs. This collection for men contains cardigans, suits, coats, leather jackets, jackets, cropped pants, shorts, sneakers and sandals. There’s this one pair that I didn’t like, the 7th photo that looks like a pajama, but the rest are perfectly great.

The collection comes with variety of blue colors, there’s black, grey and this denim-like blue (my favorite in this collection). The stylist of this collection is very good on layering clothes, the layering compliments every clothes in every outfit. I also notice those ankle length fold on some jeans which is a great idea. The jacket on the 11th photo is my favorite, the hood of the jacket adds an appeal to the look of the male model. The 12th photo looks so cool but I just don’t like the idea that he is holding a bag that looks for girls. The color of the shoes that he is wearing perfectly matches the outfit.     All in all, this collection is superb! It can give idea to men how to be fashionable. It may be nice to see guys dressed like these. Applause to this collection.

There is no advice yet when this collection will be out in the market.

Vans California 2012 Holiday Sk8-Hi Reissue “American Flag”




We all know the the brand Vans is the most-loved brand of those who love to skate, those skater boys and also some skater girls. Vans shoes is mostly like the uniform shoes of skaters. You can rarely see skaters that are wearing other brand. Vans shoes is known for being comfortable to wear and its versatility.

Vans is US based sneakers manufacturer specially for skateboarding shoes. This might be the reason they made this sk8-hi “American Flag” a way of being patriotic and thanking where they from, which is The United States of America. This design is just a reissue, back then they already have this sk8-hi design, this design is one of the first member of vans skate shoes.

I can say that this shoes will not be only a hit to those who skates but also for those who wants to be in style, this American-printed flag shoes may look good to pair with tees and jeans, I just hope they have this design for girls. Because of vans being fashionable, almost everyone wants to have a pair of this, you can see band members, artist, students and more wearing this. It’s comfort is very big thing to consider plus their great prints, specially on those canvass material.

Great thing that the Vans company recognizes where they came from by dedicating a design to their country. Hopefully, this will be out in many stores in and outside America, so there will be a lot who can experience the comfort of this American flag shoes.

Weekday 2013 Spring “Thug Life” Lookbook





When you hear the word “thug” the first thing that will come into your mind is the word assassin, a brutal assassin, I must say. Thug life means assassin’s life. And it also refer to those gansters, mobsters, mug, punk and many other. When you see those kind of people you will notice their boastful appeal. We can say that those thug people have their own sense of fashion, but they are not left with what is in during the season. their fashion is one of a kind and full of swag.

The brand Weekday probably get the idea of this lookbook from the fashion that they see on the streets with those gansters, mobsters and others. We cannot deny that their fashion has their own sense of style and matches their personality. In this lookbook we can see more of an outfit that is comfortable specially for the girls, they have this metallic pants which is very fashionable and has swag at the same time. The thing that looks a real thug life in the first photo is the guy who wears a scarf to cover his face, he looks like an assassin with this, but the rest on the first photo looks all fashionable (just my opinion). I also like the dress of the girl on the first photo, being a mobster or gangster doesn’t need to be boyish, you can also look feminine.

The Weekday Spring 2013 line will be out soon on shops across Europe.

Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring


The most common engagement rings are those rings with the perfect clarity diamond with it. Girls who will receive this will be very happy and it is an additional points to the man who will give this. Lucky are those girls who experienced this kind of moment, the “will you marry me” moment and then the man will show to the girl the diamond engagement ring, mostly the girls on every moment like this get teary-eyed because of too much happiness and surprise. And men also get teary eyed because the girl he wants to be married with say yes to him, teary-eyed also because he spend on the pricey diamond engagement ring (just my opinion). Well, the expenses are worthy if you get the sweetest yes in the world.

And it would be nicer if the diamond engagement ring will be with another ring, the wedding ring. It would be more great if the wedding ring has the same diamonds as the engagement ring. You will now wear a ring same as the ring of the man who marry you, the man who gaved you the precious diamond engagement ring. You will definitely feel that you are the most luckiest and loved girl in the whole wide world.

Marriage is not just about those material things like the diamond engagement and wedding ring, it is about the love that you are going to have for the rest of your lives and to have a family of your own.