A Bingo Site That Made My Day – Game Village Bingo

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Looking for a bingo site that would best suit your needs then Game Village Bingo is the place to be. A site that would make your bingo experience fun and exciting is none other than Game Village Bingo. I found that the bingo games are amazing and unique.

It has the 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games but since its re launch in Oct 2014 they also have the 80 ball bingo game which I really enjoyed playing. Also these games are all tweaked in a way making them unique.

Game Village Bingo accepts £5 as the first deposit and gives a 400% as the bonus. But they also give a 200% and 300% on their second and third deposits making it one of the coolest bingo sites. However you just need to put in a £10 on the second and the third deposit.

I however loved their community bingo and chat games not to mention their bingo radio. In their bingo community I met a lot of like-minded people and made a whole lot of amazing friends, and I loved their bingo radio as it played some of the coolest songs and kept me entertained throughout.

So bingo lovers go to this bingo website and play the bingo games of your choice only at Game Village Bingo

Music Finds

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Who’s looking for some music finds out there? if you are raising your hands there. I think, you’ll have to check over musician friends for details. Because the shops had listed out most of the musical instruments available today in the market in a very reasonable prices. I hope you dont miss it. Also, they occasionally runs some coupon codes to use that may help to lessen the actual price of the item you’d wanted. Just roam the web for those codes, if available..

Where you buy musical instruments?

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Might most of you were asking on which or where you should buy off your instruments. Though, they have a wide selection over the nearby mortar stores out there. But still, I prefer to buy online because in online there’s a lot of great deals we surely be happy to avail with like the guitar on its half price neither an piano. You may shop now here for your convenient. Go check it now before it’s going to be late for you. Don’t miss it!

Edwin jagger razors

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Not only guys can have or use the edwin jagger razors. Because we girls do, we occasionally shave the unwanted hairs to our arms, legs and in some parts of our body that is not so appealing to see when hairs in there. I know you’ll probably got what I meant here, right? so what are you waiting for gels? get yourself an jagger razors now and get rid of those irritating hairs out there.

Frugal way to shop online

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There’s a lot of online stores available today in the market as well in online. However, most of them aren’t yet able to give out some great deals due of their each company policies and rules. But you know what? there was this On Sale section which you could check on for the list of items that has been dropped off it’s original price. And most of the time, these musical instruments are on it. you may check out some musical shops online for further details about it. Thank you!

SISTAR(씨스타) – Touch my body

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As the summer season comes, this Kpop group called Sistar are really fond of releasing an new single that has relates into kinda sexy theme. Actually, I’ve already checked some of their past songs and I must say, this group is particularly into sexy kind of songs and dancing. You may check out their other performances over youtube as you found them quite interesting. By the way, the single that they’ve recently released was entitled of ” Touch my Body” and you can watch the entire MV on the top video. Enjoy!

Electric guitar

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Mostly music enthusiasts are keen to have this electric guitar than to the other types of musical instruments. Because electric guitar is the best way to invest as well it’s awesome to have as it is produces an quality type of sounds. I actually have myself one of it in color pink and I must say, it does creates an great sounds that I wanted to hear and I actually turns the sound into acoustic as well in some reggae soundings as I wanted it. It is just a matter on how you can play it. I’ll make my tutorial video soon here for you to see on how awesome the electric guitar is..

Sponsored Post: The Destiny of a Woman’s Skin #ChangeDestiny

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Being busy sometimes prevents me from thinking about my future. But further contemplation has led me to believe that I should be more concerned about the choices I make towards a better future before it is too late. This concerns all women because a woman has a right to choose her own destiny. The way her future will turn out depends on her actions today and only she can do something about it. SK-II believes in empowering women to choose and eventually change her destiny, that is why they came up with a new campaign with the theme #ChangeDestiny. A short video called SK-II Future Me clearly conveys the message. A young woman goes through everyday life receiving text messages from her future self. She likewise sends out messages whenever she needs to make a decision and her future self replies with positive messages that inspire and motivate her to do the right thing. Her destiny indeed lies in her hands.

Probably one of the best things about living in this day and age is that it is never too late to do what is right and correct past mistakes. Like for instance the idea that every woman can choose the destiny of her skin. If you have bad skin (i.g. acne-prone, dull-looking) all that can change if you change your attitude and start caring more about yourself such as living a healthier lifestyle and following a skin care regimen that works well with you. SK-II also wants to convey that message to all women in their latest campaign. SK-II is a skincare brand which includes cosmetics, anti-aging, and whitening products (learn more by visiting the SK-II Website). SK-II has presented women with a promise of beautiful, smooth skin with their unique and signature ingredient Pitera, a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids known to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process. They launched the Skin Destiny Study to prove that the choices we make today can affect our skin in the future and if we want to have better skin, we have to make a choice now.

The SK-II Skin Destiny Study video is also about #ChangeDestiny. It shows blogger Juri Cho making choices early on in her life. She soon realized that some choices she makes can have a lasting effect on her destiny. In line with that, SK-II did a study about making a choice. Half of the women used SK-II early in their lives while the other half didn’t. The study proved that a simple choice can make a woman’s skin young looking for many years. Our skin’s destiny lies in our hands as well. Know more about SK-II’s campaign by liking the SK-II Facebook page and checking the full results of Skin Destiny Study in detail.


Sponsored by: SK-II

Sponsored Video: Helping a Child to Reach 5

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They say that there is no greater love than a mother’s love. She is ready to do everything and lives her life just for her child. You can definitely count on your mother not just in times of need but all the time. Since her offspring is her life, what do you think would she feel when he/she suddenly dies? The answer is simple. She may not perish physically but for sure a part of her dies along with him/her. Things will never be the same and the thought of why, how, and when everything happened will forever linger in her mind and stay in her heart. The sadness of losing a child is unsurpassable.

But this is a normal occurence especially in third world countries where children are ten times more likely to die before the age of five. According to the United Nations, nearly 9 million children under the age of five die every year. In sub-Saharan Africa, it has been estimated that every minute eight under-five children die. This is based on 2007 figures and around 70% are due to diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malnutrition. Diseases and conditions that are absolutely preventable and can easily be cured through simple and affordable means.

Just like in the video which shows a grieving mother in a small village in Indonesia where a tree is planted when a child is born. Because her son died, there is nothing left for her to look at but the tree. This happens in many remote rural villages where children die before they even reach the age of five. Factors such as insufficient human, financial and material resources in what good hygienic practices can do to prevent diarrhoea and other diseases usually hamper the efforts to prevent these deaths.

Hand washing alone can stop these deaths from happening. The mission of Lifebuoy soap ( check Lifebuoy website ) is to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday and this is by stopping the spread of preventable diseases which causes 5,000 children under five to die every day. Last year, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits, the incidence of diarrhea was minimized from 36% to 5% and this year, they will bring their project to Bitobe, Indonesia. What Lifebuoy wants readers to do is to help these children by taking part in this campaign. Simply share this video on any of your social networking sites with hashtag #helpachildreach5.

Check Lifebuoy Social Channels for updates:

*Lifebuoy Website


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Drawer Slides

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Let me again update this blog with my personal circumstances..haha Recently, my mum asked me on where to buy 36″ Drawer Slides which I haven’t any idea at all what is drawer slides all about. Do these slides are using for kitchen thingy? or in home uses? I dunno.. just mum asked me if I could get her one since I am here in hallmark. I think, I need to ask someone about it.. Okay then, that’s it for now and will try to update this post once I got the item which mum insistently wanted to have..